Workforce Management Consultancy

Our Workforce Management consultancy services help to review and analyse your existing processes and provide a detailed plan for implementing the most effective workforce management strategy for your business.

workforce management consultancy

Advantages of Our Workforce Management Consultancy Services


Build and scale future ready workforce operations processes


Reduce workforce operational risks

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Efficiently manage your workforce and improve employee experience


Build resilient operational processes

Benchmark against leading organisational processes


Save time and resources 

Improve working practices to improve compliance

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Review your internal worktech suite 

workforce management consultancy services

How we help you with your daily workforce operations

We are a market leader in workforce management solutions and work with some of the world’s leading brands who have been with us from day one.

Our dedicated team of professional service consultants have been involved in many consultancy projects for our customers, including;


Review operational working practices


Review operational efficiency


Business analysis of company handbook and employee contracts


Working time directive and compliance consultancy


Time and Motion studies


Data analysis


Co-define pay rules

workforce operations consulting

Shopworks can help you implement the best automated systems for scaling your business

Your business is always growing. It’s time to make sure your workforce is too. With Shopworks workforce management consultancy we’ll help you to build a strong and sustainable business strategy.

We’ll help you build

Engage with trusted advisors and work alongside our experts to build a workforce that can grow with you, no matter what the future holds.

We’ll help you scale

As your business grows and needs change, we’ll make sure your workforce is ready for it! We’ll help you manage a growing workforce using tools such as Forecasting Ai and Retention Ai and Salary On-demand systems such as fastPAYE.

At Shopworks, we’re committed to being an indispensable partner for businesses that want to build smart and grow fast.

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See how our Workforce Management Consultancy services could help you

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