Employee Scheduling Software For Maximised Efficiency

Easily manage rotas, track availability, stay compliant and optimize resources to ensure you have the right people in the right place at the right time. No more overstaffing, scheduling errors, and time lost on administrative tasks, focus on your people and your customers. Start saving time and increasing productivity today.

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Revolutionise Your Operations With Smart Scheduling Powered By Actionable Insights

Visualise staffing needs, availability and spend in one place

Don’t let unnecessary overtime and overstaffing impact your business and bottom line. Let The ShopWorks employee scheduling software track your staffing spending against your budget in real-time and ensure you stay on top of your labour costs and avoid overspending. 

Additionally, as you build your rotas, the software offers automated demand predictions based on your sales, turnover, historical performance, footfall, and much more…

employee scheduling software
Automate your business rules

Share workers across locations and job roles

With our multi-contract and flexible scheduling, you can easily schedule your staff in different locations and for different roles.

accurate payroll

Schedule your tasks simultaneously

Schedule not just when your staff works, but also their specific tasks. Ensure you have sufficient staff to meet all your business’s task demands.

no more time theft

Create transparent working environment

Employees can access their rotas via the mobile app or online portal. They can request time off, accept shifts, view worked hours, and set their availability.

make compliance a breeze with employee scheduling software

Make compliance a breeze with employee scheduling software

Compliance is crucial when it comes to employee scheduling. With our system’s automatic and live compliance feature, you never have to worry about the complexities of labour laws again when building your rotas.

ShopWorks enhances this process with an easy-to-use, on-page live solution that instantly highlights any compliance breaches, ensuring a streamlined experience. By avoiding costly penalties and potential legal complications, our compliance feature helps you maintain a secure and compliant working environment while saving you precious time and resources.


improve employee satisfaction

Visualise your costs in real-time

View real-time staffing costs for each shift and rota as you create them.

reduce admin hours

Save hours in admin time every week

Use the rota templates and the drag-and-drop builder, and swiftly create and share your schedules with your team.

clock in and out

Scheduling intelligence at your fingertips

Get actionable intelligence with advanced analytics and reporting to improve any problem areas that you might have or might not be visible.

Flexible schedules for increased employee satisfaction

Empower your people with the ability to manage their work schedules and time off requests directly through our user-friendly employee app. With our app, your employees can:

  • Select availability: Empower your staff to indicate their available working hours, giving them a voice in the scheduling process.
  • View schedules on-the-go: Employees can instantly access their approved rotas via the app, ensuring they’re always up to date with their shifts.
  • Accept extra shifts: Our app allows employees to easily pick up available shifts, offering flexibility and additional work opportunities.
  • Request time off: Employees can conveniently request vacations, sick leaves, or other types of time off directly through the app.
  • View approved hours and expected pay: Employees can review their approved hours and projected earnings, and make any queries before payday to avoid any wage miscalculations.
time and attendance analytics

Our Employee Scheduling Software Features

contactless clock in and out

Live compliance

biometric readers

Task allocation

NFC clock in and out

Rota templates

NFC clock in and out

Multi-contract and entitlements management 

payroll integration

Shift offer and offer claiming

time and attendance analytics

Labour demand

time and attendance geo location tracking

Staff availability and leave management

time and attendance geo location tracking

Shift communications

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What is employee scheduling software, and how does it work?

Employee scheduling software is a digital tool that automates the process of creating and managing work schedules for a company’s employees. It allows managers to input employee availability, assign shifts, handle shift swaps, and manage time-off requests. The software typically offers a user-friendly interface where schedules can be easily created, modified, and shared with employees.

What features can I expect from employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software often includes features like shift templates, drag-and-drop scheduling, automated shift rotations, notifications for shift changes or updates, employee self-service portals for availability and time-off requests, integration with payroll systems, and real-time visibility into labor costs and compliance with labor laws.

Is employee scheduling software customisable to different industries or business sizes?

Yes, many scheduling software options offer customisation to suit various industries and business needs. Whether retail, healthcare, hospitality, or any other sector, these tools often allow the customisation of shifts, roles, and permissions to accommodate different industries’ scheduling requirements. Additionally, they often come in scalable versions suitable for small businesses to large enterprises.

How user-friendly is employee scheduling software, and what kind of training is needed?

Most scheduling software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. They often come with guides, tutorials, and customer support to assist in onboarding and using the software effectively. While minimal training might be necessary for administrators and managers to navigate the features, many of these tools are straightforward and easy to learn for both managers and employees.

How does time and attendance software handle different types of work schedules and policies?

Time and attendance software is designed to accommodate various work schedules and policies. Whether your organization follows fixed shifts, flexible hours, remote work arrangements, or complex rotating schedules, the software can be configured to match your specific requirements. Additionally, it can handle overtime calculations, paid time off (PTO) accruals, and other custom policies as per your organization’s guidelines.

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