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Time & Attendance

Our features are revolutionising staff management ensuring Time and Attendance is 100% accurate for all your staff. Your employees can punch in or out through our contactless NFC Punch-In App, our Mobile Punch-In App or you can choose to use our state of the art Biometric Readers.

Shopworks offers many solutions from Labour Management Software to Business Forecasting Software. Book a demo to find out more.


Workforce Management Solutions
scheduling software for workforce management


Our staff scheduling tools include Rota Scheduling and Management, EWTD Compliance, Shift Offer, Staff Availability, Budgeting, Absence management, Onboarding, Staffing demand and much more. We help customers ensure they have the right number of people in the right place at the right time. Find out more about our employee scheduling software and see how Shopworks can help you.

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Employee Self-Service Portal

ShopWorks self-service portal allows your employees to access schedules, hours worked and expected pay and to book their time off and set their availability via a desktop or mobile device. This tool gives your employees the flexibility and responsibility to manage their own hours, including holidays and shifts and allows you to engage staff using the latest technology communications tools.

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Analytics for workforce management


Our data team will build your own bespoke, modern & engaging reporting suites and dashboards. This tool can highlight areas that need improvement with your planning and scheduling allowing management the chance to correct any overspend or under staffing. If your cost is increasing each week then ShopWorks analytics can help you get it back on budget.

Analytics for workforce management


ShopWorks has a dedicated integrations team that is experienced with integrations into platforms including BI, HR, Payroll, fastP.A.Y.E, accounting, EPOS and more. Every integration is bespoke and guarantees seamless inbound and/or outbound data feed.

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