Bespoke packages to suit any journey. Whether you have 200 employees or 10,000+ we have a package to suit you.

Our ShopWorks Lite offering includes all you need to plan and manage your staff schedules and deliver 100% accurate payroll. You can be up and running in 30 days and it meets the needs of most businesses right out of the box.

For larger companies with multiple locations and which require multiple integrations into other systems our ShopWorks Enterprise is the product for you which is tried and tested in some of the world’s largest employers.

We have written a detailed article to help you better understand what the cost of ShopWorks is, how that is worked out and what you need to consider. 

ShopWorks Lite ShopWorks Enterprise ShopWorks AI
Pricing On Application On Application On Application
Standard scheduling module
Lunch break rules
Time off rules
Absence management
Contracts and pay rates
Multiple contracts per employee X
Standard demand module Option
Communications module
Visa tracking
Shift offer Option
Social responsibility Option
Basic compliance
Compliance module X Option
Time & Attendance
T&A automatch
Punch in web app
Time scan app Option Option Option
Biometrics readers Option Option Option
Ai Tools
Retention Option Option
Autoscheduling X X
Forecasting X X
Demand X X
Reporting & Analytics
Standard reports
ShopWorks Analytics BI X Option
Data warehouse feed X Option
Custom reports X Option
Employee Portal
Employee Self service portal
Employee Self service App
Staff availability Option
Leave Management
Standard payroll file
Bespoke payroll file X
HR Systems X Option Option
SSO integration X Option Option
Implementation support
Managed Service Option Option Option
Self service support desk
Customer success review
Access to knowledge bank
Bespoke development X Option Option

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