Bespoke Staff Scheduling for Retail, Leisure & Hospitality

Shopworks offers a bespoke workforce management solution for companies with between 20 and 2,000 venues.

At Shopworks, we build time and attendance software that helps your business run more efficiently and supports, trains and motivates your staff. Our bespoke workforce management (WFM) and staff scheduling solution is unique to every client.Shopworks supply businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors with between 200 and 20,000 staff. 

Workforce management (WFM) has become an essential tool for businesses, saving our clients on average 7% on direct payroll costs. It is particularly effective when using biometric readers to manage time and attendance.


If you would like to know more, you can download our free whitepaper on the TOP 10 reasons to install a bespoke workforce management platform. Alternatively contact us now to request a complimentary demo or keep scrolling to watch a 2 minute video on the benefits of our WFM. 

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At Shopworks we try hard to live up to high expectations and we are prepared to back up our claims by offering a no risk business approach. We are the only bespoke, enterprise work force management supplier to offer:

  • ZERO set up fees.

  • 3 MONTH no-obligation trial.

  • 30 DAY rolling contract. 

Your risk when dealing with us is zero. Of course we are going to say that. But consider this:

  • 100% of our clients have saved on staff costs.

    NONE of our clients have left us.

  • 98% of our clients recommend us.

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Lee Bowden: Head of Strategy

"From a management perspective, every minute counts. In today’s business world, a shift in business requirements and customer habits has created a demand for managers to have full visibility and control of operations. This includes all aspects of rostering, time and attendance management and adhering to any regulation or compliance. Flexibility to do all of these is essential and any manual paper or spreadsheet based structure has become outmoded.

Our modern cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solution, integrates web-based staff rostering and resource planning that supports managers and team leaders to keep connected to their employees in real-time. Initially, this software was only an add-on to basic software as a service (SaaS); however, platforms such as Shopworks, implement bespoke modules that can integrate with current payroll or HR systems. Every modern business requires the complexities of time and attendance software, and we are here to offer a lost cost, direct savings solution."

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