Workforce Management Software

Shopworks provides workforce management software powered by true AI and Machine Learning, forming part of your best-of-breed solutions. ShopWorks is proven to deliver bottom-line benefits through labour and cost optimisation, efficient staff management and engagement.

workforce management software
workforce management software

Feature Rich Software for Managing your Workforce

Our wide range of features such as time and attendance, scheduling, employee portal and analytics have been built to improve staff management, business efficiencies and reduce overall staffing costs.

At ShopWorks, we have a 96% retention of all our customers. We are confident that our workforce management software will improve your business, which is why we offer an extensive trial and proof of concept.

Smart Ai Solutions for Workforce Management

ShopWorks has expanded its offering by developing a range of Ai workforce management products that deliver measurable ROI and improve the lives of working people.



Retention Ai is a human resource forecasting tool which can accurately forecast how many people are going to leave an organisation in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.



Forecasting Ai ensures that you have the right staff, in the right place at the right time. Driven by demand data and processed by multiple AI’s.



Our Demand Ai takes a forecast of predicted revenue, transactions or footfall and calculates how many staff you need to ensure optimal performance.



Our Scheduling Ai will take your demand forecast and automate the building of each individual rota within your existing scheduling tool.

Ai software for workforce management

Easy to use workforce management software with a wide range of intelligent features

We help all types of industries manage their workforce

There are many problems we solve with our workforce management software within many types of industries. Here are just a few examples below.



Whether serving fast food, coffee or managing a restaurant or hotel – discover all the modules and functionality that our globally renown customers utilise to deliver the right blend of service and profitability.



We help over 4000 leisure venues to deliver 100% Time & Attendance, Time Off and Payroll accuracy, even with multiple contracted staff, to guarantee a happy and compliant workforce.



With challenging trading times on the High Street, ShopWorks ensures over 5000 retail sites have the right staff, in the right place and at the right time, driven by demand data and Ai insights.



In an environment where staff planning is critical, an intuitive and collaborative cloud-based solution is essential – so say goodbye to all the complicated spreadsheets.

Warehousing and Fullfilment

With the huge increase of eCommerce trading in recent years and the influence of the global pandemic, the demand for warehousing has never been higher. Find out how ShopWorks workforce management solutions can help your business keep up and runing at optimal levels.


Food Distribution & Wholesalers

Distributors have recently been challenged with unpredictable demand levels, increased competition, talent crunch and complex regulatory requirements. ShopWorks can predict your demand levels, inform you if your staff are about to leave and keep your workforce fully compliant.


Higher Education

Find out how we can help you improve your efficiencies across all employee groups and all your locations, manage complex labour laws and budgets. Effortlessly managing attendance, absence and leave.


Facility Management

At ShopWorks we can help you deliver Time & Attendance solutions that fit your requirements, 100% accurate payroll, auto scheduling, forecasting and much more.

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workforce management software

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