Bespoke Workforce Management Solutions

We specialise in Workforce Management solutions for the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Service sectors.

Our staff scheduling system will save your business as much as 7% of your direct staffing costs.

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At ShopWorks, we have a 100% retention of all our customers. We are so confident our software will improve your business, that we offer an extensive free trial and no minimum or fixed terms.

What our clients say


  • Coffee
  • Fast Food
  • Live Venues
  • Restaurants


Whether serving fast food, coffee, managing a restaurant or hotel - discover all the modules and functionality that our partners utilise to deliver the right blend of service and profitability.



  • Casino
  • Bingo Halls
  • Betting Shops
  • Leisure Centres


Learn how over 4000 venues deliver 100% Time & Attendance, Time Off and Payroll accuracy, even with multiple contracted staff, to guarantee a happy and compliant workforce.


  • Forecourts
  • Convenience
  • Lifestyle
  • Homeware


With challenging trading times on the High Street, ShopWorks ensures over 5000 retail sites have the right staff, in the right place and at the right time, driven by demand data.


  • Care Homes
  • Manufacturing
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance


In an environment where staff planning is critical, an intuitive and collaborative cloud-based solution is essential - so say goodbye to all the complicated spreadsheets.

How and why it works

Lee Bowden: Head of Strategy

From a management perspective, every minute counts. In today’s business world, a shift in business requirements and customer habits has created a demand for managers to have full visibility and control of operations. This includes all aspects of rostering, time and attendance management and adhering to any regulation or compliance.

Flexibility to do all of these is essential and any manual paper or spreadsheet based structure has become outmoded.

Our modern cloud-based workforce management (WFM) solution integrates web-based staff rostering and resource planning that supports managers and team leaders to keep connected to their employees in real-time. Initially, this software was only an add-on to basic software as a service (SaaS); however, platforms such as Shopworks, implement bespoke modules that can integrate with current payroll or HR systems. Every modern business requires the complexities of time and attendance software, and we are here to offer a lost cost, direct savings solution.

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