What is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software?

Feb 13, 2023

ShopWorks bases its pricing on the version of the software that you chose. We offer three different versions and we have articles comparing them in more detail and a list of what features each includes on our pricing page.

Before we explore what is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software, let’s look at the different plans and what they include. The three plans ShopWorks offers are based on the same established cloud-based software that many companies trust. The versions differentiate by the standard features they offer or the level of bespoke work you need. We have explored these in more detail below.

What are the different ShopWorks plans?

ShopWorks Lite

This is our entry-level system, it can be configured out of the box, does not need complex integrations but includes many of the advanced features that come with ShopWorks enterprise and AI. This version can also be upgraded to the more advanced versions later. It is cheaper to implement and run and will meet the needs of most SME businesses that employ hourly paid or shift workers. It will still deliver 100% accurate gross payroll files for all but the most complex set of pay rules.

ShopWorks Enterprise

This version of ShopWorks can handle tens of thousands of staff, 1,000+ locations and all of the complexity required to manage that number of staff. We pride ourselves in getting 100% accurate payroll files no matter how complex your pay rules, lunch break or absence rules; we will build those rules into our system, even if it requires some bespoke coding.

ShopWorks AI

This includes all of the features of ShopWorks Enterprise but with additional AI-powered tools. These tools will allow you to forecast sales and other data points that have an impact on your staffing levels, create a forecast of staffing levels by role type by 15-minute segment and then schedule the optimal rota to meet this forecast alongside a host of other criteria from the Working Time Directive to your staff’s preferences. With ShopWorks AI, you will truly have the right people in the right place at the right time, and it can be almost completely automated.

What is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software

Why does ShopWorks have different plans?

We have three different versions, so you only pay for what you use and need. This pricing model reduces our costs to provide the service when you don’t take functionality, and we can pass on the savings to you. We also invest a considerable amount in the research and development of new software tools, and if you don’t use some of that R&D investment, you shouldn’t have to help us recoup that investment. If you don’t need our AI business forecasting software or labour demand forecasting, we won’t charge you for them.

How much is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software licence fees?

In order to answer what is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software, we need to consider software licence fees. Our cheapest solution is ShopWorks Lite, which will cost a minimum of £1,500 per month, and ShopWorks Enterprise usually starts at around £3,000 per month. We charge either per venue or per person per month, and the price then increases as you add more people or venues to the system.

What is included in the ShopWorks SAAS licence fee?

When you pay ShopWorks a monthly licence fee, it includes the following:

  • Hosting costs
  • The software licence fee for the main ShopWorks application, including all of the features shown on our price list
  • Licence fee and access to the ShopWorks native Apple or Google apps for your staff 
  • Support and maintenance
  • Access to a service portal
  • All third-party software licence fees
  • A customer success manager
  • Upgrades
  • A small premium for the value added to your business and to help us recover our investment in research and development.
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Are there any extras I can expect to pay with ShopWorks Workforce Management Software?

Our policy is to charge for what you use and for labour-intensive services such as implementation and integration support. Our price list shows what features are included for each of our three versions described above and what is optional. You can expect to pay extra for the items marked “Option”, sometimes one-of fee for a service and sometimes a recurring monthly fee for additional functionality.

How long is a contract with ShopWorks?

Our contracts are generally for three years, although we have customers with longer contracts where we have offered a discount for greater customer commitment. Our contracts normally increase with RPI each year as well.

We offer a paid trial for customers who want to try before committing to a long-term contract.

Does ShopWorks charge Implementation fees?

Yes, we do. When working out what is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software this needs to be taken into consideration. ShopWorks is a bespoke workforce management solutions platform which requires a large amount of discovery on our part. We always quote a fixed price and often do the implementation as a loss leader to help gain a new customer. Implementation costs start from around £1,500 but can go up to the tens of thousands when a customer requires bespoke AI models, multiple new integrations and very complex pay rules. Our implementation includes the following and, as already mentioned, is for a fixed price:

  • Objectives and KPI agreement and measurement
  • Discovery and documentation of pay rules, absence types and lunch break rules
  • Configuration of above
  • Bespoke integrations
  • Site build
  • Hardware installation (unless you do that yourself)
  • Bespoke development of features 
  • Project management and implementation support
  • Training
  • AI training and testing
  • Support

How does a paid trial work with ShopWorks?

We offer new customers a paid pilot to allow them to see the system in action and demonstrate that we can meet all of their metrics, KPIs and requirements. This would normally involve a sub-set of the business, such as a department or a district, using the system for two or three months.

To prove all the metrics and KPIs we have to do a full (or near full) discovery and build process so that the system can produce a 100% accurate payroll file. So we charge an implementation fee and a reduced monthly licence fee for the trial period.

At the end of the trial, the customer has the right to terminate. If they are happy with the system, then the termination right disappears, we complete the rollout, and our contract runs its intended length.

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How does ShopWorks charge for Integrations?

We will always quote a fixed price for building an integration, which depends on how much work it involves and requires. We will perform a scoping/discovery exercise before we can quote. In addition, if we are responsible for supporting and managing the integration, we will charge a monthly fee; generally, this is in the low hundreds of pounds per month to manage any mapping issues or other support tickets. We aim to keep both costs as low as possible, and our team and system have been set up to do this.

As you would expect from an established and trusted workforce management supplier, we have built many integrations and have a dedicated integrations team and have integrated into most, if not all, of the HR and Payroll systems you are likely to come across. Our system is an API first designed and therefore built to make integrations easy. We can do API or batch file integrations depending on what your third-party software provider can support.

How much do biometric and time and attendance devices cost?

Installations are around £200 each, but most companies do this themselves because it is pretty straightforward. The biometric readers offered with our time and attendance software start at about £450 each for an ethernet-connected single biometric reader (either face or fingerprint), which would be ideal for most indoor locations. More advanced readers can be as much as £1,200 depending on additional features, including 3G connectivity, multiple readers or outdoor waterproof construction site ready.

If you are still unclear on what is the cost of ShopWorks Workforce Management Software, request a personalised quote below.

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