The ultimate analytics suite to help you identify and quickly focus on any problem areas allowing management the chance to correct any overspend or under staffing. If your cost is increasing each week then ShopWorks Analytics can help you get it back on budget.

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Advantages of ShopWorks Analytics

Make informed and calculated strategic decisions to optimise your ROI
Achieve better business results
Build your own bespoke reports and dashboards

Use multi-data sources for fully inclusive reporting

Quickly identify any problem areas you might not know about

Receive actionable data via email

Really drill down into your data in a way that suits your business

Uncover insightful workforce patterns and trends

Industry Leading Analytics Solutions


Fully inclusive Business Analytics tool for enhanced reporting abilities. Our data team will build your own bespoke, modern and engaging reporting suites and dashboards. Automated stories (set of dashboards) can be sent to selected users at regular intervals (ie. end of week sales report sent to all shop managers on Fridays afternoon). Option to use multi data sources (ie. Shopworks + EPOS system) for fully inclusive reporting.



ShopWorks offer a large number of reports covering key aspects of the platforms such as clocking in & out breakdown, actual v planned hours, worklog completion status as well as many more that can be automated.

The reports can then be sent automatically to selected users at the set intervals of your choice. Users will receive actionable data by email, at the time it matters the most to review and act upon accordingly.


Data Warehouse Feed

Our ultimate data sharing application gives each clients’ data team the flexibility to directly query the ShopWorks database. The data can be used to build their own bespoke dashboards and reports in their own Business Analytics tool.

The application gives access to ShopWorks underlying data using well documented, RESTful API endpoints (shift actuals, shift planned, contracts, etc.).

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