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We have a dedicated team of professional service consultants who have been involved in dozens of workforce management, HR and payroll integrations and have analysed the working patterns of many different business types.

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Our consultants include data and business analysts, HR and compliance experts and qualified Methods-Time Measurement (MTM) practitioners of the world’s leading time and motion system. They are often asked to review working practices, the efficiency of operations and how well the business is complying with a host of labour laws. Our recommendations and problem solving has saved money for our clients both directly in staff costs and indirectly by avoiding fines.
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Bespoke Development

Each business is unique and our platform is built around that very principle with ever-expanding bespoke parameters, options and add-on functionalities. If your requirements are not covered by the existing product possibilities, bespoke development work is available.


Dedicated Account and Product Management assigned to every client and project


Large dedicated bespoke development team


Fixed pricing with committed sprint allocation to deliver the project

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Managed Services

Our professional services, data analytics and support teams can provide the additional resource you need to get the best out of ShopWorks over an extended period. We can agree a bespoke managed service plan with you that uses our team of sector specific experts to fill any gaps that you may have, improve areas of reporting and improve knowledge of best practices in key areas.

This could include regular reviews and analysis, ongoing workshops and regular performance benchmarking, both between your venues and against the ShopWorks network KPIs.

We can produce detailed board reports on an agreed cycle using our enhanced analytic tools. We can also agree action points and review progress for area and site managers to ensure compliance with your internal processes. We are flexible about how often we get involved from a weekly set of tasks to recurring monthly or quarterly reviews.

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