Absence Management Solution For Optimal Operational Efficiency

Our Absence Management module is designed to empower managers with the tools to effortlessly manage leave and sickness absences and boost operational efficiency. Managers can automate the time-consuming holiday approval and allocation processes and guarantee fair treatment across the board.

Manage Employee’s Time Off Effortlessly

With our Absence Management solution, staying on top and managing employee time off has never been easier. Manage absence efficiently, and maintain a happy, motivated workforce by preventing shift allocation missteps and ensuring statutory leave is assigned fairly and efficiently.

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Automated Holiday Approvals For Seamless Absence Management

Automate and simplify your holiday management process with our unbiased and automated approval rules engine. Customisable to your business-specific rules, it ensures fair and efficient handling of statutory time off requests keeping your operations smooth and transparent whilst avoiding scheduling conflicts or miscommunications.

Our Absence Management module simplifies the process of managing employee holiday leave requests. With unbiased and automatic approval rules, you can ensure shifts are not mistakenly assigned to employees on holiday and seamlessly notify payroll and HR systems while maintaining transparency with your team. Transform your holiday approval process into an effortless experience.

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Keep your employees happy

Automate responses to your employee’s holiday requests and eliminate the time it usually takes for a manager to see their request and make a decision.

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Promote fairness and transparency

Staff do not need to worry that they have been treated unfairly when requesting time off. Ensure transparency and avoid scheduling conflicts.

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Optimise your resources

Save your managers valuable time wasted in unrequired admin and allow them to focus on what matters the most.

Fair Time Off Allocation, Simplified with AI

With ShopWorks’ unbiased automated Holiday Allocation AI engine, managing time off becomes effortless. Ensure statutory time off is assigned fairly and efficiently, keeping your team satisfied and your operations running smoothly. No more conflicts or confusion – just simple, automated, fair holiday allocation.

Increase employee satisfaction by removing biases, reducing reliance on temporary staff, and always having the right amount of staff. By implementing an AI-powered engine, you can pre-allocate holidays to employees that have not used their time off, ensuring workforce availability at key times of the year and fairness across the board.

Fair time off allocation
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Remove the need for temporary staff

Avoid the traditional end-of-year rush to allocate unused holidays and periods where you must hire temporary staff to cover those on leave.

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Optimise your workforce

Ensure that your operations are never understaffed because of too many employees taking holidays simultaneously.

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Eliminate buying holiday back

Ensure all statutory annual leave is automatically and fairly allocated and used throughout the year to avoid having to buy holiday back from your employees.

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Absence Management Software

Efficiently Handle All Other Types of Absence

Foster a transparent work environment with easy-to-use Absence Management software. From sickness to parental leave, bereavement to lieu time, keep track of your employee’s time off and ensure never to schedule staff when they are unavailable.

No more juggling of multiple systems and spreadsheets or manual time off request processes. Empower your managers with the tools they need to handle your workforce scheduling and absences seamlessly. Integrate with your Payroll and HR systems and ensure that staff are paid accurately for their time off in accordance with your business policies and processes.

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Improve efficiency 

Avoid mix-ups or scheduling staff that are unavailable to work caused by time-consuming and inefficient processes.

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Seamlessly integrate with all your systems

Ensure that you keep all your data in one central place and avoid manual multi-entry data that is prone to mistakes.

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Set up the rules that matter to your business

The absence management solution allows you to set up the module in a way that is suitable for your business and requirements.

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