Employee Self-Service Portal

The Employee Self-Service Portal is an additional tool that can assist in ensuring your payroll is 100% accurate, giving your staff the opportunity to view and query payroll-related matters ahead of payroll being run.

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Advantages of ShopWorks Employee Portal

Empower your employees by allowing them to communicate when they are available to work
Keep employees seamlessly informed of all their upcoming shifts
Staff can request time off directly from the portal and view remaining holiday entitlement
Staff can see the hours they have worked and their expected pay
Employees can accept extra shift offers directly in the portal
Staff can view time off schedule for their shop location in order to plan better

Industry Leading Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service Portal

Our staff scheduling system comes with a self-service portal as standard. This allows your staff to access schedules, hours worked, expected pay and to book time off via a desktop or the mobile app available on GooglePlay or Apple Store.

The self-service portal enables staff to request and plan their accrued time off instantly, giving them greater choice and flexibility. Companies who give employees the flexibility and responsibility to manage their own hours, including holidays and shifts are often looked on more favourably. However, this is not just about the benefits for the staff, as there are many benefits to the business that make a real positive difference to its overall performance.

By using dedicated Workforce Management Software, you can drastically improve the way your business works and functions. Here at Shopworks, we help businesses thrive with our detailed staff and employee labour management software.

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