Victoria Gate Casino partner Shopworks to install bespoke staff scheduling system.

Jul 6, 2017

Super casino Victoria Gate have announced the implementation of a bespoke workforce management platform designed by Shopworks. The bespoke ‘SAAS’ platform will organise rotas, budgeting, and demand management for over 200 employees.

Victoria Gate Casino Venue Director, Patrick Noakes said: “We have already benefitted from having a single scheduling tool at the heart of what is a large and complex business to plan for. The reporting functions mean we can quickly get to important cost line information as well as simplifying the payroll process.

“The key requirement was to have a system that didn’t dictate or limit shift patterns. The nature of the business requires us to be flexible in our scheduling and be able to react to changes in customer demand.”

Shopworks provides a versatile rota management platform, which simplifies the process of creating and managing staff schedules. The budgeting tool is regarded as the most developed of its kind, ensuring businesses will never exceed their predetermined budgets.

A key feature for Shopworks clients is the mobile app portal, that allows employees to track their shift schedules and expected pay at any time. It also allows one-to-one messaging between managers and staff members, to allow any amends to be made or change requests. 

Noakes said: “It was also important that the system could be used by a group of managers with varying IT skill sets. Of all the systems that we looked at, we felt Shopworks had struck the best balance between its functionality and user-friendliness.”

“We are delighted to have Britain’s newest Super Casino as a customer as it reinforces Shopworks position as the UK market leader in the Casino, as well as the overall retail gaming market.”

Lee Bowden, Head of Strategy, Shopworks

Mike Hennessy, Director of Operations, said: “There is significant cost savings that can be achieved through workforce management solutions like Shopworks, and it is estimated that the majority of businesses managing large shift based employees are still reliant on manual spreadsheet based systems.”


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