How can biometric and facial recognition scanners benefit the security at venues and stadiums?

July 17, 2017
Workforce Management

Security has become a high priority for venues and stadia around the world. In the last 18 months, sporting and entertainment venues in the UK, France and elsewhere have been targeted by terror attacks with horrific results. It is becoming cause for concern for large venues, with increased security and checks on guests now being used on a daily basis.

Advancements in technology are certainly helping aid the required security increase, but are venues making the most of the products available to manage their own staff and contractors?

Facial recognition and biometric readers can also help with the increased security demand especially created when sites are using a lot of casual workers. For example at the UK’s biggest racetracks during large festivals, around 2000 staff turn up per day.  Without workforce management, these staff queue to manually sign into a registration book and their signature is enough to gain access.

In addition to being inefficient, slow and inaccurate, there are security implications for such an approach. Casual staff may be checked by agencies in advance, but with paper based systems in operation, can you really be sure that the person who has been checked is the person that was security checked?

The ShopWorks system ensures 100% accuracy when signing each staff member in, and the digital platform decreases time spent waiting to manually login.

ShopWorks are working with businesses in the venue and stadium sector. With our state of the art workforce management system with facial recognition and biometric scanners, venues can:

  • Be 100% sure of who they are giving access to and which parts of the venue.
  • Integrate into passport checking services such as ‘U Comply’ to allow on site staff on-boarding
  • Track employee log times and attendance to ensure 100% correct staff pay.
  • Provide instant access for subcontractors on a temporary basis.

After speaking to a number of different venue managers, it is clear that there is a requirement for this, and that it is a matter of time before every stadium and venue will be installing a bespoke workforce management system.

As well as the security benefits, venues will also get the key benefits of a bespoke workforce management solution:

  • An average 7% saving on hourly paid staff costs
  • Increased revenue through demand management
  • Compliant rotas that adhere to all the relevant employment regulations.

A 30-day rolling contract means there is no long-term deals to bind you in. You can choose if and when you want to leave with 1 months’ notice. And finally, you are given a minimum 3 month free trial to allow you to see for yourself the instant benefits of a workforce management solution.

So far there has been zero customers to cancel their subscription and over 95% of current clients recommend us. 

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