The 5 Best Workforce Management Software Features to Improve Employee Retention

Nov 18, 2022

As a workforce manager, you know the importance of keeping your employees happy, motivated, and productive on the job. Workforce Management Software can help keep track of staff performance by recording and analysing metrics like attendance and employee engagement scores, but what about when it comes to retention? Different Workforce Management Software has various features that you should look for to improve employee retention and boost productivity. Here are the five best features to look for in your workforce management software.

The overall issue

In the UK, annual employee turnover has risen by 68% over the past decade. It’s hard enough finding and hiring great talent, so it makes sense that HR teams are looking for ways to keep their employees happy. A new study from Oxford Economics revealed that organisations with a low annual turnover rate were more likely to grow revenue faster than their competitors. That’s why software tools that improve retention should be one of your top priorities as you choose software.

Retention is one of the highest priorities for HR teams and workforce managers 

In October 2022, ShopWorks conducted a survey asking HR departments how important retention was to them. The survey revealed that 78% of HR departments were very concerned about losing employees to competitors.

Sixty-three per cent of all employees are expected to leave their jobs within two years, and 74% say they’re open to changing roles. These numbers make it clear that retention is one of the highest priorities for HR teams. There are five features you should look for in your workforce management software to improve retention. 

Top 5 tools for improving retention using workforce management software

1. The number one tool for improving retention is AI-powered auto-scheduling. There is no better tool for improving retention.

AI auto-scheduling can ensure that: 

    • There are no WTD breaches
    • Rotas are fair
    • Staff preferences are honoured

It helps your employees work more efficiently and productively, which means they’ll be happier with their jobs and less likely to look elsewhere for employment. The software also reduces organisational stress, increases productivity, and saves time.

2. Working Time Directive (WTD) Live Compliance Module – a tool to check all shifts are compliant with the Working Time Directive. The Working Time Directive ensures that EU employees get at least 20 days of paid annual leave and 8 hours rest in each 24 hours, and are not required to work more than an average of 48 hours per week. Our Renetion.Ai tool has the highest correlation with the likelihood of leaving against Working Time Directive breaches.

3. Fair Rotas: make sure your tool can spread the unsociable shifts fairly across your team. Unfair rotas have a high correlation with the probability of leaving in the next 90 days. Our Time and Attendance software is designed to help identify potential pitfalls in any roster and provides a guideline for how employees should be scheduled by their employer based on preferences and staff availability.

4. Availability and staff preferences: this allows staff to tell you when they are unavailable and when they prefer to work. When you have access to information about who’s available and what shifts they’re willing to do, your decision-making process becomes easier as you can make sure all positions are filled while also taking into consideration what’s best for your employees’ lives outside of work.

5. AI-powered employee retention software: AI-powered workforce management solutions offer predictive analytics to help HR teams predict when an employee will likely quit. The AI analyzes variables such as engagement levels, attendance trends, scheduling conflicts, career goals and feedback. These tools use the huge amount of data in a workforce management system to predict the likelihood of someone leaving in 30, 60 or 90 days and then give you insights into why that might be so you can make an intervention and encourage someone not to leave.

With this level of insight, HR professionals can proactively address workplace issues instead of waiting until they’ve escalated and end up costing both the company and its employees much more money. 

Our Goal is your goal

When deciding which workforce management software is best for your company, it is important to consider the features that will impact retention. Our group company SolvedBy.Ai creates a system that can deliver all of these benefits and our technology provides a seamless experience for users. 

Our intuitive solution simplifies the data and allows managers to see where there may be problems and intervene before it’s too late.




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