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Effectively manage your entire workforce in one comprehensive solution that can help you grow and improve your business.

Workforce manager software

Advantages of Our Workforce Manager tools


Fair and compliant shifts

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Keep your employees happy

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AI powered forecasting & demand


AI auto schedulling

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Most advanced T&A solutions


Keep labour costs under control at all times

Handle the most complex rotas with ease


Achieve better business results

Workforce manager

How our workforce manager solutions can enhance your workforce operations

The modern operating environment for businesses with hourly paid and shift workers is complex. Many operators that have multiple sites, 7 day a week and sometimes 24 hour operations and a variety of different roles to fill are increasingly turning to advanced cloud based workforce manager software to handle the complexity.  Remaining customer-focused in a competitive market is vital and modern workforce management system can help you get the right person in the right place at the right time to ensure happy customers and drive revenue.

When you also consider the need to comply with the Working Time Directive, National Minimum Wage, Holiday regulations and pension rules it becomes clear why companies are looking to use software to improve the operational efficiency of their business.

Since 2011 ShopWorks has continued to develop advanced tools and features that allow you to improve your daily workforce operations.

Why ShopWorks?

ShopWorks can help you solve many operational problems if you employ hourly paid or shift workers in any sector. These include:


Keeping your staff happy and improving retention by offering fair and compliant shifts that meet their preferences


Meeting customer demand through AI powered forecasting and demand prediction


Keeping your labour costs under control by calculating the cost of every shift as it is planned and providing the best T&A offering on the market

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