Petrol forecourt giant Euro Garages choose ShopWorks for their Workforce Management solution.

February 5, 2018
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Euro Garages, which operate over 3,500 petrol forecourts across Europe, have partnered ShopWorks ( to provide a bespoke cloud-based Workforce Management (WFM) solution. ShopWorks were chosen alongside global giants ADP and SAP as part of a strategic review, which will provide HR and payroll software. Both systems will be fully integrated into ShopWorks to provide a seamless experience for users at Euro Garages

This will be the first time that all three software businesses will collaborate, to offer the most innovative and complete Workforce Management platform, including staff scheduling, biometric time and attendance, demand management and budgeting tools.

ShopWorks are leaders in staff scheduling solutions within the forecourt sector, already working with four other nationwide retailers. Their bespoke staff management platform offers rota, budget and demand management, combining to create an average 7% saving on direct staff costs. This is an essential requirement for Euro Garages, with a workforce which currently exceeds 8,500 in the UK alone and over 20,000 across Europe.

According to Euro Garages, the business is: “Committed to on-going infrastructure, people and system investment to build a sustainable business model.”

Kevin Patterson, Head of IT at Euro Garages commented; “When we were looking for a strategic staff scheduling partner to assist with modernising our Workforce Management system and to aid with our ambitious growth plans, we selected ShopWorks, due to their excellent track record in the forecourt sector and ‘can do’ attitude.”

To find out more about how our bespoke staff scheduling solution could help your business improve the management of your workforce, then click then link below:

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