Discount retailer One Below partner ShopWorks for a bespoke workforce management solution
July 23, 2019
Digital Transformation | Time and Attendance | Workforce Management

One Below is the latest retailer to oversee a digital transformation by implementing biometric readers to improve their staff scheduling. The cloud-based workforce management solution is designed to ensure 100% accurate payroll.

The bespoke software as a service (SaaS) system will be installed in all 35 stores nationwide, plus their distribution centre. The staff scheduling platform, that is developed by ShopWorks, gives companies greater control over its shift management and is expected to improve efficiencies in time & attendance and training.

One Below Head of Operations, Damon Clarke said: “We chose ShopWorks, because of their free-trial offering. It enabled us to see how the system would work and the immediate savings we could expect.”

“We are confident it will be effective in reducing the time taken planning resource across stores and ensure we remain compliant under recent European law.”

One Below are one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, with an expectation to have 60 stores opened and 1000 staff by the end of the year. The newest discount store selling all items for one pound or less is exploiting the market with the recent closure of Poundworld.

Lee Bowden, Head of Strategy, ShopWorks said: “The retail sector has faced challenges in recent times due to a number of rising costs. With staff being the largest cost for retailers, it is vital they implement a workforce management solution like ShopWorks to reduce these costs by as much as 7%.”

If your business is currently looking for a solution that can not only help you save as much as 7% of your direct staff costs, but improve your workforce management requirements and ensure compliance, please click here to find out more:

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