Customer driven development – managing sub contractors using workforce management

Apr 10, 2017

I was delighted to meet one of our Leisure Center customers this week for our regular review. Hearing how customers use Shopworks’ work force management (WFM) system and the value they get from it helps us continually develop our staff-scheduling product. Our cloud based Software as a Service (SAAS) solution is very flexible and customers often find new uses for it that we hadn’t envisaged.

So I was particularly pleased to hear how the customer that operates over 40 leisure centers in the UK has used Shopworks’ work force management (WFM) software to manage their third party contractors, especially their cleaners. They set up a “contractor” department in every one of their leisure centers and scheduled lots of shifts with zero costs, one shift for every one of their named cleaners every day.

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Now every cleaner clocks in and out using Shopworks’ biometric face recognition readers and time and attendance (T&A) software. Our auto-match system then checks the cleaner’s time on site against the proposed shift. With a bit of manual adjustment our customer was able to confirm the exact hours they should be paying their contractors for.

The Finance Director of this leisure center company told me they had saved a sizeable sum and he was delighted. We liked the idea too and we will be making some modifications so that all of our customers in the leisure, hospitality and retail sectors can take advantage of this idea without having to make any manual adjustments. 


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