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We pride ourselves on our client relationships… That’s why we have over 95% customer retention rates. Many organisations use our tools to optimise their workforce management processes and improve the working lives of their employees

“ShopWorks has provided a transparent solution with robust audit trail, a useful dashboard, and a strong reporting suite. Implementation has been smooth.” 


“We’re positive that taking advantage of ShopWorks’ innovative platform would be a benefit. It’s perfect for leisure centres, specifically to ensure the correct, qualified staff members are allocated to appropriate shifts.”

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“Our intention with implementing the ShopWorks T&A system is to automate and streamline people processes, making for a more user friendly and accurate people experience, and delivering us improved reporting which allows us to make more informed people decisions. It is early days but we can see the benefits this will provide Virgin Active on a daily basis.”

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“We were looking for a solution that could improve our rota management. Something that was flexible, simple to use, easy to install and cost-effective. We required a supplier that was easy to work with and could help us roll out quickly. ShopWorks’ product and people were a great match for us.”

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“ShopWorks has centralised and digitised many manual processes for us and much less time is spent on admin. Employees across the estate are thrilled with the new system and the ability to see their schedules on the go, directly receive important updates and request holidays”


“As a leisure centre, we have a complex workforce that previously required excessive admin for our managers. With the ShopWorks staff scheduling tool, we are able to easily create weekly rotas in advance, ensuring that staff do not exceed their contracted hours.”

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We Work With A Wide Range Of Industries



Whether you’re in fast food, coffee, restaurant, or hotel management, explore the modules and features our globally recognised customers use to manage their workforce and boost profitability.



We help over 4000 leisure venues to deliver 100% Time & Attendance, Time Off and Payroll accuracy, even with multiple contracted staff, to guarantee a happy and motivated workforce.



Navigating challenging High Street trading times is a breeze with ShopWorks. We are proud to ensure over 5,000 retail sites have the right staff in the right place and at the right time.



In an environment where staff planning is critical, we provide an intuitive and collaborative cloud-based solution that is easy to use and manage.

warehousing and fullfilment


As eCommerce skyrockets, warehousing demand has hit new heights. Discover how ShopWorks workforce management solutions can keep your business running smoothly and at its best in these dynamic times.

food distribution and wholesalers

Food Manufacturing 

Manufacturers are dealing with unpredictable demand, competition, staffing challenges, and regulations. ShopWorks can predict demand, automate processes, warn about potential staff departures, and ensure compliance for your workforce.

higher education

Higher Education

Find out how we can help you improve your efficiencies across all employee groups and all your locations, manage complex labour laws and budgets. Effortlessly managing attendance, absence and leave.

facility management

Facility Management

At ShopWorks we can help you deliver Time & Attendance solutions that fit your requirements, 100% accurate payroll, auto scheduling, forecasting and much more.

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