Why Use Workforce management?

Shopworks is a staffing and financial reporting system developed to save your business time and money. This radical new application will bring huge benefits, including:

  • Reduce Staff Costs By Up To 7%
  • Reduces Admin Costs
  • Self Funding
  • Easy To Use Drag & Drop Planner
  • Improve Communication & Morale
  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • No Set Up Costs
  • Hosting, Service, Support, Training All Inclusive
  • Fully Integrated SMS Confirmation System
  • Detailed HR & Payroll Reporting

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Staff Rotas & Planning

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Shopworks Workforce Management system empowers shop and District/Area managers to create their own schedules via an online interface, which then updates a central database. Once the schedules are checked against budget and approved, the staff are sent an SMS of their schedules, any changes for sickness or late arrival are tracked via the database and staff are kept informed of their shifts...

Financial Reporting

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Shopworks customers have a very accurate handle on the profitability of every outlet, on a week by week basis, thanks to our reporting module. When used in conjunction with the Staffing Module, it can run the profit and loss report for every outlet within an hour of the end of trading and it will be 99.9% accurate, every time, without the need for expensive head office staff to compile the data...

Integrated Modules

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Whilst your staff are online completing their rotas and end of day process, Shopworks gives a great opportunity to ensure compliance reports are collected and stored in a searchable database. This is ideal for example in the gambling industry where the UK Gambling Commission expects a daily report of any incidents.


Jennings is one of the UK’s leading independent Bookmakers.

Jenningsbet is of one of the most established and progressive Bookmakers in the United Kingdom.
The company was founded in 1961 when off course betting was first made legal by the British government. The business has progressed in this time, to become one of the largest independent shop chains within the British Bookmaking industry. The Jenningsbet group currently trades from nearly 100 licenced betting offices located throughout Southern England, employing in excess of 400 personnel.

What Shopworks does for Jenningsbet: When Jenningsbet merged with Better in 2009 Julian and Greg Knight, who took over the management of the combined group,  were so impressed with Shopworks that they implemented it throughout the combined estate. Even before a combined till system was installed, the new enlarged company quickly got a handle on its staff costs and profitability across the estate. Jenningsbet use the reporting, staffing and compliance modules.

The company continues to grow and has recently acquired another London betting firm. Shopworks was again the first system that Jenningsbet installed into the new shops, it allows immediate control of staff costs and accounting whilst having an instant impact on the professionalism and operational efficiency of the newly acquired shops.

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Client Testimonials

  • better

    “We are delighted with Shop Works. It has literally saved us a fortune whilst improving our operations and staff morale but above all else it was self funding – the tangible savings were immediately bigger than the monthly charge so it cost me nothing!”

    Ian Hogg, Betterbet
  • better

    “Now I have it I can’t believe someone didn’t think of it before and that every business employing hourly paid staff doesn’t use it. Shopworks has reduced my staff costs by around 12% - we have 6 departments and over 60 full and part time staff and used to manage our rotas using spreadsheets. It feels like it was built for a poker club!”

    Chris North, MD, Fox Poker Club

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