AI Demand Forecasting Software for Advanced and Strategic Workforce Management

Discover the power of advanced AI Demand Forecasting software in enhancing your strategic planning and operational agility, tailored to each of your venues’ unique trading dynamics.

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Demand Forecasting Software for Agile, Efficient, and Strategic Operations

Adapt to evolving customer trends

In a post-COVID world, customer behaviours and demand patterns have shifted dramatically, rendering traditional historical data less effective for predicting future trends. Understanding these changes for each of your venues is crucial for making accurate business and staffing decisions.

Our AI Demand Forecasting software goes beyond conventional forecasting, equipping you with the tools to stay on budget, and consistently meet customer satisfaction and revenue goals. It adeptly identifies trends in customer demand and behaviour, enabling a proactive approach that yields reduced operational costs, an improved customer experience, and a more flexible business model.

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Automate your business rules

Forming the basis for accurate staffing decisions

flexible operations

Promote flexible business operations

Reduce understaffing

Reduce understaffing or overstaffing

track time and attendance

Growth and efficiency with less resources

Accurately predict revenue, sales, footfall and more to eliminate the guesswork in workforce management and make informed decisions. You can perfectly align your staffing with customer demand to significantly reduce wastage and boost efficiency.

Whether it’s anticipating demand peaks, tracking business growth, or adapting to customer trends, we provide you with the most precise intelligence. This efficiency means achieving more with fewer resources, eliminating staff shortages, cutting unnecessary overtime and paving the way for sustainable revenue growth.

improve employee satisfaction

Achieve more with less and boost operational efficiency

reduce admin hours

Adapt and be prepared for change in demand patterns

clock in and out

Reduce operational costs

The most comprehensive array of data for strategic intelligence  

Our AI algorithms use a wide array of data sources, including internal, external and competition data. This includes historic sales, revenue and footfall, traffic, weather, national and local events, analyzing competitors’ proximity for each of your venues and much more.

By blending this comprehensive data, we offer unmatched precision in forecasting sales, footfall, and customer demand. This robust approach equips your business to anticipate demand patterns accurately, allocate resources effectively, and consistently deliver superior customer experiences.

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