How workforce management is becoming accepted as a core business tool by UK companies in hospitality, leisure and retail.

May 19, 2017

In 2015, HCM essentials published an article discussing the failure of workforce management (WFM) for retailers. It describes a first-hand experience of an automated workforce management system that ‘lacks management’; how a mathematical formula used to ensure each employee was covering the sufficient hours required in their contract, without factoring in any external factors, specifically being given back-to-back shifts.

At Shopworks, we have been implementing bespoke workforce management solutions for the last 7 years, and throughout that time we’ve heard a number of similar stories. Quite frankly, up until last year, we heard it too often. However, the wind has started to change direction. Cloud-based scheduling software is now much more trusted and accepted as an essential business tool. In the last year we have been working with over 40 clients in retail, leisure and hospitality, and that is accelerating as the year progresses.

Our integrated time and attendance system saves our clients on average 7% on direct staff costs. We implement bespoke staff scheduling and biometrics modules to minimise staff lateness and absenteeism, helping businesses optimise their staff performance. From a financial perspective, our staff scheduling software with demand module allows managers to set rotas to a pre-approved budget, ensuring that you will never go over budget. 

Although we estimate that over 75% of UK businesses with hourly paid staff are still using outdated excel sheets and paper based scheduling, it is clear that the benefits of staff and attendance management software is being realised.

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