The importance of a smart staff scheduling system: an employee’s story.

Nov 12, 2018

At ShopWorks, we have been supplying businesses in Hospitality, Leisure and Retail with bespoke Workforce Management solutions for the past 10 years. One of our key selling points has always been that on average, our clients save as much as 7% on direct staffing costs – which can translate into millions of pounds each year.

However, implementing a staff scheduling system like ours isn’t just about the potential savings for a business. It is about improving the relationship between employer and employee. 

This is a recent story that appeared in The Telegraph’s investigation section: Jessica Investigates.

It retells an issue that a temporary member of staff at Waitrose had when asked to repay over £864 of their earned wage to due an error in payment. 

Kept anonymous for discretion, the begrudged employee recounts what happened: “The branch phoned me and asked if I could start as soon as possible and I agreed. I arrived at the store at 8.45am, my start time on Sundays as shown on the offer of employment.

I saw though, on the rota list, that I was down to start at 10am or 11am – I can’t remember which. It all seemed a bit disorganised so I decided to keep a record of my start and finishing times on my phone.

The employee says:

“I worked for three weeks, five days a week, and later received a cheque for £947.76, which I banked. Then I received a letter from John Lewis saying I had been overpaid and asking for a repayment of £864.08. It threatened legal action.”

It goes on to say that John Lewis & Partners confirm that the matter was eventually resolved. 

It has been a turbulent year for retailers in the UK, with expensive business rates and another rise in minimum wage due in April, it is more important than ever that businesses take advantage of the developing software available to improve workforce management. 

ShopWorks offer a state of the art budgeting module that works to pre-determined budgets, ensuring that businesses are fully aware of staffing costs at any given time. Additionally, the staff scheduling system uses biometric time and attendance readers to ensure 100% accuracy in recording shifts, ensuring that staff are never under or overpaid. 

To prove the benefits of implementing the WFM solution, ShopWorks start with a 90-day free trial, giving businesses the opportunity to see first hand where and how it can lead to reduced staffing costs. 

If you think it is time to make a positive difference in the way that your staff are managed, and you would like to find out more, then simply contact us today! 


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