The cost of convenience – long queues lead to lost sales.

Oct 5, 2018

In today’s consumer environment, time is often one of the most important factors. Over the last three years there has been a consistent rise in online purchases, due to the convenience of having products available at your fingertips.

Subsequently, the high street industry has been suffering to show any growth. Major retailers like H&M and Zara are redirecting their focus to their online presence for the first time to counter struggling outlets.

However, there is still a need for high street shops, but they need to ensure they are managed correctly.

A recent study collected by Adyen, a global payments company, showed that overall, the European retail industry lost out on £14.3bn in potential sales in the last 12 months because of queueing. The impact of this scenario is often overlooked, but it has a major impact on sales.

It is suggested that if a customer is expected to queue for five minutes or more, then they are driven to make the purchase elsewhere, or not at all.

Businesses must strive to meet customer expectations, in order to successfully retain returning business. Demand management is an effective way to control the staffing levels of a store and ensure they meet the expected footfall.

Using historical data and monitoring local trends, ShopWorks staff scheduling software is able to project the levels of footfall across each store effectively. The cloud-based solution is able to assist store managers by suggesting the required levels of staff per customer.

Sofology, the nationwide furniture store, needed to be able to efficiently determine their footfall to help reduce their staffing costs and plan hours to match anticipated business levels.

By tracking expected demand, they were able to ensure they had enough staff, but also ensure they were never over staffed.

The bespoke Workforce Management solution also assists in rota and budget management, as well as giving all staff access to their shift schedules and holiday requests via mobile application.

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