Starbucks franchisee 23.5 degrees implement WFM system with ShopWorks.

December 5, 2018
Digital Transformation | Workforce Management

The hospitality sector has been under pressure recently, with the latest reports suggesting that Brexit is affecting the employment pool and putting a strain on businesses.

However, it is a time of digital transformation, and many UK businesses are implementing smart technologies to address the issues Brexit may cause.

23.5 degrees is the largest independent and fastest growing Starbucks franchisee in the UK, with projections of over 100 stores to be opened. The franchise group has integrated ShopWorks staff scheduling with Ezora, business insight specialists, which allows them to generate demand data from predicted spend.

Barry Mulholland, COO, 23.5 degrees said: “We have been working hard as a team with Ezora and ShopWorks and now have a sophisticated demand model. 

“Following accurate demand data, we have seen an increase in sales by up to 25% during peak periods.”

The software will improve budget management by setting pre-determined budgets according to expected spend. By digitising their rota with ShopWorks, managers can get daily profit & loss analysis for each site by 9am the next day.

Ian Hogg, Chairman at ShopWorks, said: “23.5 Degrees have been a pleasure to conduct a free trial with. One of the most focused and motivated teams we have come across in the fast, casual dinning sector, they took on board the opportunity that a ShopWorks trial presented them and have now fully transformed all of their staffing processes to our digital platform.”

The ShopWorks solution incorporates biometric scanning technology to measure staff time and attendance with 100% accuracy. It is expected that 23.5 degrees will reduce overall staffing costs by 7%.

As with all ShopWorks customers, 23.5 degrees were given a 90-day free trial to prove the effectiveness of the software and outline the expected savings made. 

If you think that your business could benefit from implementing a staff scheduling or time and attendance solution, the click here:

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