SMP Compliance Academy and Shopworks sign strategic partnership to improve compliance and regulatory training in retail gambling operators.

May 30, 2017

With increasingly onerous compliance requirements being placed on the gambling industry, a new partnership has been announced between training specialists SMP Compliance Academy and staff scheduling provider Shopworks that aims to ease the compliance burden on operators and deliver professionally developed training content within a streamlined and cost-effective delivery platform

This new alliance brings together the market leaders in the UK gaming industry for both compliance training and staff scheduling software. The partnership aims to integrate the two products to allow retail gaming staff easier access to high quality online training on: anti-money laundering, social responsibility and know your customer (KYC).

Integrating the two platforms will allow operators to ensure that only trained personnel are scheduled in critical positions such as the cashier in a casino or, for instance that every betting shop or AGC has at least one trained person on site at all times. 

Neil Young of SMP eGaming is excited about the partnership: “Shopworks are the ideal partner for us. They have a great reputation in the industry, the biggest market share and already offer strong controls to ensure operators’ staff schedules are compliant.”

“Their ability to check if an employee’s training is up to date before allowing them to be scheduled, matched with our ability to provide professional compliance training and assessment could be a game changer for compliance in land based gaming”.

Mike Hennessy of Shopworks believes that the partnership will benefit the company’s gambling sector customers: “Our customers tell us that they are under increasing pressure to ensure compliance throughout their estate, especially at the point of contact with customers and where cash is being handled.”

“Shopworks has always had the ability to offer training to the tens of thousands of retail gaming staff that use our system in the UK and beyond. Now, through this partnership, we can link staff via our mobile portal to the best quality content from the SMP Compliance Academy which will be kept up to date and give operators unprecedented peace of mind that their staff’s mandatory training requirements are being met”.

About Shopworks:
Shopworks ( have been providing customers with cloud based workforce management software since 2009. We build scheduling software that helps businesses run more efficiently and which supports, trains and motivates staff members. Our Gaming customers include, Rank Plc ( Grosvenor Casinos), Bet Fred, Paddy Power, Talarius, Praesepe, Sportech and many independent Casino, Bookmaker, Bingo and AGC operators.

About The SMP Compliance Academy:
The SMP Compliance Academy has been developed by the gaming consultancy, SMP eGaming, to meet the compliance and regulatory training needs of both digital and land-based gaming and software companies.


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