Inefficient staff scheduling affects employee happiness.

November 9, 2017
Retail Management | Staff Scheduling

The business landscape is changing and it is important to ensure you keep up. Digital Transformation has become vital, no more so than in staff management. The latest studies reveal that nearly two thirds of retailers struggle to get the right staff in the right place at the right time. In fact, 41% have wrongly predicted staffing requirements. At ShopWorks, we regularly see this across a number of other industries, including Leisure and Hospitality.

The struggle for businesses trying to predict staffing levels is causing lasting damage, with a third of retailers stating a loss of sales due to the inability to meet customer demand. In today’s marketplace, retailers cannot afford to dissatisfy customers.

Managers are believed to waste more than one day a week managing issues around staff rotas. The level of time invested does not provide positive returns – with employers saying their staff are unhappy with the shifts they’ve been given.

Current staffing methods, like spreadsheets, make it difficult and time-consuming for managers to consider everyone’s preferences. Digital staff scheduling could solve this issue for employers, with over half of retailers saying it could increase staff happiness and make staff feel empowered.

ShopWorks staff scheduling offer a complete bespoke Workforce Management solution for businesses in Retail, Leisure and Hospitality. Their cloud-based scheduling software is expected to increase efficiencies in rota management, as well as reduce overall payroll errors to provide up to 10% savings. ShopWorks help eliminate mispayment of staff, and offer a mobile platform for staff to monitor individual shifts.

Lee Bowden, Head of Strategy at Shopworks said: “We are seeing a lot of investment from operators in retail and hospitality on customer focused digital transformation. However, with only a few exceptions, UK employers are much slower at addressing solutions that ensure the right staff are in the right place at the right time and they are motivated and well trained when they get there. For most venue based operators, service is the key differentiator so it surprises me that more investment isn’t made.

Venue based operators are under a lot of pressure from pure digital operations and I would encourage them to look at what a well thought out work force management system can add to their customer offering.”

Shopworks work with a number of demand specialists such as REPL and ReThink Productivity as well as providing our own models for some sectors such as Hospitality, Retail and Leisure. With a demand model integrated, Shopworks cloud based staff scheduling system allows managers to check each rota against the demand before approving and communicating with staff. These tools ensure that the optimum staffing levels are met and staff morale is maintained at a high level.

To understand more about how a bespoke Workforce Management solution can improve the way your business is managed, and learn more about the benefits of a digital transformation, please get in touch:

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