“I came for the savings but stayed for the service” – Do you have a WFM solution?

Sep 19, 2018

Businesses are initially attracted to cloud based Workforce Management (WFM) for the extensive and immediate cost savings. However, it’s the improved processes, greater efficiencies and further innovation that retains the working partnership.

A state of the art WFM platform such as ShopWorks provides multiple opportunities essential for growth, ensuring your business stays up to date with legislative change and the technology a modern workforce demands. 

The challenge is that businesses across all market sectors are having to change at an unprecedented rate. However, technology and the accompanying tools have never been so affordable and accessible thanks to cloud-based solutions allowing your business to stay aligned, or even ahead, of the competition.

SaaS solution

Going beyond paper

In an recent Oracle survey of more than 400 Heads of Operations, Finance and Technology, the primary motivation for moving to a cloud-based solution was economic. Other reasons included wanting to avoid infrastructure investment (45%), lowering the total cost of ownership (38%) and avoiding upgrades (33%). 

But when questioning the same audience on what they found to be the biggest benefits, the answers changed. Incredibly 81% agreed that “staying current on technology” was the biggest benefit, along with usability benefits (76%), increased flexibility (65%) and improved collaboration (59%).

Additionally, for businesses that have prioritised the digital transformation of their workforce, there is an abundance of new and low cost accompanying technologies that are also available and can be fully integrated.  

Bespoke analytical and performance measuring modules and even artificial intelligence (AI), are all transforming supply chains, operations and monitoring your business’s cost base, with the cloud the only delivery mechanism. Cloud-based platforms such as ShopWorks are built to assist, automating, processing or eliminating manual tasks and reducing the errors to simplify tasks and free up vital time. 

Improved Reporting

Interpreting data is crucial for decision making, however the same survey suggested that many legacy ERP systems do not deliver the meaningful insights required today. As much as 60% of people surveyed are still using their existing system to directly generate reports and 49% also using spreadsheets with data pulled from the system. Of course, the problems with managing reports via spreadsheets are well-known.

It should therefore come as no surprise that 70% said this is an area they need to improve and with over three quarters saying they either have or will soon move to an integrated cloud based WFM system, it’s not hard to see why. In fact, ShopWorks customers can confirm the findings of this survey and you can click here to read more about our clients.

The overwhelming positives of the cloud and the collaborative environment it delivers outweigh the perceived negatives of resource, project management, cost or migration. Our customers find that accessing emerging technologies to deliver bespoke and up-to-date systems via a cloud-based WFM platform, provides opportunities to save money, simplify tasks, and drive real transformation.


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