How ShopWorks Can Support & Monitor Your Post-Lockdown Measures

May 21, 2020

As the Government starts to ease off the lockdown and support non-essential businesses to open we are very aware that operations cannot go back to pre-pandemic times. We at the ShopWorks have been busy adapting some of our core modules to support our existing and future clients to effectively implement social distancing measures. Many of our clients, including some of UK’s biggest high street names, are already in the process of implementing the below features as part of their reopening plans.

Rota Structure 

Specific divisions and roles can be introduced to your rotas in order to organise, monitor and report back on the new social distancing measures.

  • Role type: can be used to define precisely the type of work expected from the staff member on the day.
  • Division: can be used to set “sub-teams” focusing on key areas and/or tasks (ie. social distancing).
  • Reporting: the hours are recorded under the role type performed on the day, this can be key for compliance as it would allow you to report back in case of inspection or audit
rotas full

Demand module

Rules can be implemented where for example there shouldn’t be more than 2 members of staff in an area at any given time to avoid overcrowding. Once the rules are set a pop up window will be available on the rota page to check staffing levels throughout the day are correct. 

Demand Module full

Data Entry 

Users can log variety of key tasks they are required to performed throughout the day such as; 

  • Station sanitising at the end of a shift
  • Area deep cleaning
  • Temperature checks

    and many more activities that will need to be carried out to meet the new measures.
Data Entry Full

Other Services 

Further to the above modules, we can offer additional chargeable services and products such as:

  • Biometrics upgrade with temperature readings: new contactless ProFace series range available that can record the temperature of your team as they clock in and out. 
  • Sanitation booths: choice of six different type of sanitation booths to fit your needs and space. 
  • Re-starter training programme: to get your team back up to speed with SW processes + introducing new compliance tasks (ie. modules above).
  • KPI workshops: sessions aimed at senior management focusing on how to unlock SW’s full potential using its key reporting tools.

Want to more about this topic or would like to speak to us regarding anything Workforce Management related? Just get in touch with us below and we'd be happy to help.