Halo Leisure choose ShopWorks for bespoke Workforce Management solution.
September 3, 2018
Workforce Management

Halo Leisure is the latest leisure operator to appoint ShopWorks for a bespoke Workforce Management solution, providing a single platform for staff scheduling , rota and budget management. The cloud-based platform, that is developed by ShopWorks, gives companies a better overview of its staff management and is expected to improve efficiencies in payroll. Halo has ambitious growth plans, already operating out of 22 centres across 4 counties, employing 750 staff.

Halo Leisure’s People Director of Human Resources, Sara Gosling, said: “Like most other leisure providers we have a large workforce who work different days with varied shift patterns and different roles with separate rates of pay.

We expect to have a monthly payroll upload of variable hours worked to improve our efficiency and productivity.”

The ShopWorks system, through its cloud-based staff planning, has the ability to check rotas against budgets before approval. It provides a bespoke platform for each of its clients to improve staff management, often resulting in savings of 7% on direct payroll costs.

Halo will also be deploying ShopWorks’ innovative biometric time and attendance model, to manage the different shifts schedules for all of their staff. The software ensures that hours of work can be tracked on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, thus improving the ability to manage costs to pre-determined budgets and take action where additional staffing is required quickly and efficiently.

Lee Bowden, Head of Strategy, ShopWorks said: “Working with another successful company in the leisure sector like Halo is great. More and more businesses are now taking forward steps into digital transformation, and our bespoke service can deal with any staff scheduling issues as well as achieve major savings for payroll.”

“Halo are the fourth leisure centre group we have partnered with this year alone, enabling us to further develop our system and meet the needs of any leisure operator. Halo required us to allow multiple staff to have multiple roles and multiple rates of pay in one platform. The bespoke development now let’s us offer this to any business looking for a Workforce Management solution.”

Mike Hennessey, Director of Operations, Shopworks

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