Give Staff More Autonomy With Workforce Management Software.

October 9, 2019
Human Resource | Staff Scheduling | Workforce Management

Companies are embracing digital possibilities to help empower their workforce and re-define the way technology is raising the bar for employee autonomy, ushering in a new era of workforce management.

In recent years, automated Workforce Management (WFM) software has eliminated many hours of time-consuming manual entry of staff scheduling to help balance manager resources effectively.

From building efficient schedules that take into account employee preferences, skill sets and training needs, to gaining control over the multiple shift types that dominate an increasingly virtual workforce, this software will significantly improve many of your current manual processes.

Over time, frontline staff have also come to enjoy more control over their working lives through self-service. Beyond having increased ability to influence their schedule and request changes, staff are generally denied the ability to self-manage their working week or enjoy the same level of flexibility to deal with the unexpected, until now.

Recent advancements in WFM like self-scheduling and planning optimisation for customer-facing staff are taking workplace autonomy to a whole new level. More freedom for employees means greater freedom to achieve more, for themselves, customers and the business.

So, while the concept of self-service for shift preferences, trades, overtime or time-off is nothing new, these latest innovations mark the first time that employees have the power to really manage their own schedules as unexpected life events happen or appointments pop up in the week ahead. 

ShopWorks partner with a number of high profile businesses within the Hospitality, Leisure and Retails sectors to offer bespoke workforce management solutions.

The mobile self-service tool allows all employees to easily notify management of any time-off requests or desired leave. The staff portal app also allows for shift-swap and notification of availability, making the construction of schedules simple for managers. 

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