Casual staff get first payslips as part of new plan.

Apr 9, 2019

Nearly 300,000 workers will be handed their first payslips under new plans, the government has said.

Staff on casual and zero-hours contracts will receive a payslip to mitigate any unscrupulous or mistake-prone employers.

The new legislation has been introduced to ensure that workers are clearly informed how many hours they have worked, allowing them to compare their actual hourly salary to what they are meant to get.

“We have introduced a new right for all workers to a payslip ensuring workers are paid fairly,” said business secretary Greg Clark. 

ShopWorks are specialists in Workforce Management solutions, helping businesses improve the management of their staff. Using an online portal, staff are able to monitor their hours worked and scheduled shifts each month, in order to track their expected earned wages. 

The multi-functional software is designed to reduce direct staff costs by an average of 7%. Using biometric time and attendance, ShopWorks can ensure 100% accurate payroll. 

The new law also scraps the so-called Swedish derogation, a legal loophole which allows companies to pay agency workers less than staff.

“This all forms part of the Good Work Plan, which is the cornerstone of our commitment to build a labour market which rewards people for hard work, celebrates good employers and boosts productivity and earning power of workers across the UK,”

Business Secretary, Greg Clark

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