Carluccio’s will pay EU staff to gain U.K. status after Brexit.

Jan 9, 2019

With the fast approaching Brexit deal, the hospitality sector are looking for solutions to manage the high number of EU national employees currently working. 

It is well recorded that more than three quarters of EU workers currently in the UK would be ineligible once the Brexit scheme is put in place (Independent). 

Restaurant operator Carluccio’s have proposed to pay for its 1,500 workers from the European Union to gain residence status in order for them to remain in Britain after Brexit and apply for U.K. citizenship.

Many of ShopWorks’ clients employ a high percentage of EU nationals. It is expected that Brexit will enforce a similar law to the current non-EU national VISA requirement – that enforces limits on the maximum working hours. Our staff scheduling solution eases the task of monitoring working time directives for all employees to ensure your business remains compliant. 

Carluccio’s, has 75 restaurants in the U.K. and is the first food-service operator to make such an offer.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Jones said:

“There would be no Carluccio’s without one man making the journey from Europe to London. Today we employ over 2,300 people from over 80 countries.”

The current Brexit proposal will require all EU citizens in the UK to apply for the right to remain after Brexit. The application fee is 65 pounds and gives workers living in Britain for five years or more “settled status.”

“We appreciate that the current political landscape is unsettling for many of our employees and we want to do everything we can to reassure them that they are part of the Carluccio’s famiglia,” Jones said.

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