BetFred chooses ShopWorks for innovative staff rostering management solution.
October 8, 2018
Staff Scheduling | Workforce Management

BetFred is the latest bookmaker to install a cloud based Workforce Management (WFM) system into over 600 of its stores across three regions. The staff rostering programme developed by ShopWorks, gives retailers greater control over its staff management and is expected to reduce total staffing overheads by 7%.

BetFred systems management said: “ShopWorks’ high level of configurability, flexibility and budgetary control has given us the ability to adapt seamlessly to the ever changing nature of today’s staffing needs.

“The Workforce Management system allows us to draw on resource, ensuring the right staff members with the right skill set are present as circumstances dictate. It offers our retail teams enhanced visibility of rosters, with robust processes for roster approval.”

Betfred are the seventh bookmaker to partner with ShopWorks for staff management following Joe Jennings, Paddy Power UK and Stan James, making them the leading solution in the industry.

Lee Bowden, Head of Strategy, ShopWorks said: “Our BeSAAS – bespoke software as a service – is a hybrid of the off the shelf SAAS product and the over complicated ERP systems on offer. It is perfectly designed for small to mid-size businesses, and our cloud based system allows us to update the programme seamlessly.”

“We have seen a definite improvement in our staff management, and the daily verification process has ensured more accurate rostering.


Betfred will soon be trialling ShopWorks’ innovative biometric based time and attendance model, which recognises an employee’s unique physical characteristics to ensure a 100% accurate attendance record.

Staff can also access their scheduled hours and expected pay at any time, either online or via ShopWorks dedicated mobile application, which also allows the retailer to message its employees.

The software removes outmoded paper and spreadsheet based systems. It dramatically simplifies the management of staff scheduling, budgeting, pay and attendance planning for businesses, who benefit from a huge saving within their administrative teams.

Mike Hennessy, Operations Director, ShopWorks, added:

“Despite the significant cost savings that can be achieved through workforce management (WFM) solutions like ShopWorks, it is estimated that 80% of small to medium sized businesses still rely on paper and spreadsheet based systems.”

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