Product Owner

Product Owner

Edinburgh, UK.

Contract type: Permanent, Full time
Start date: Immediate




We are looking for a new Product Owner to join our team, who will liaise with Operations, Development, Delivery and Design, as well as key customers, to manage and maintain a product backlog and identify what gets built in order to amplify return on investment and drive business growth, while retaining existing customer satisfaction.

The generalist Product Owner will also do the scoping and testing in collaboration with the QA and Operations team, and take responsibility for fully understanding all complex rules and requirements involved within our Bespoke Workforce Management platform Software.

In this position, you will work closely with members of the Development and Operations team, translating all requests coming from them (or directly from clients) into clear and crisp user stories that can later be further refined,

sized and implemented by our development teams.

You will be flexible to learn and adjust to how we implement Agile


Key Responsibilities:

  • Select and refine items from the Product Backlog. In other words, groom product backlog, keeping each item Detailed Appropriately, Estimated, Emergent (add, remove, or reprioritize), Prioritized.
  • Order the product backlog with an eye to increase Return in Investment. Order the
  • backlog following MoSCoW approach whenever possible.
  • Ensures that everyone knows what is on the backlog and what the priorities are.
  • Define priorities using set criteria.
  • Develop and adapt the product vision in collaboration with our CTO, Scrum master, Architecture Owner, Operations Director, and Head of Strategy.
  • Understand complex requirements, and write user stories in a way that can be easily understood by developers and other members of the team.
  • Specify acceptance criteria for each user story when needed.
  • Run Planning and refinement meetings with technical stakeholders and actively participate on

backlog grooming and prioritization meetings with Scrum master, Developers, and Stakeholders.



  • Previous experience as the Product Owner or Product Manager within a Scrum team. Preferably with a current certification as a Scrum Product Owner.
  • Experience with data-informed product ownership and decision-making.
  • Strategic thinker with a business-focused orientation and strong technical skills.
  • Has mastered how to translate customer requirements into product requirements.
  • Understands the industry, customers, and state of technology to build better products.
  • Performs assessments of competitors’ products to support product focus.
  • Product Management over Domain knowledge. This means that whilst there is value
  • in the item on the right, we value the item on the left more. Therefore, experience in a
  • B2B SAAS environment, retail, leisure or hospitality sectors is welcome but not essential.
  • Possess excellent communication skills, which means you can effectively engage,
  • listen, and negotiate with different crowds (technical, non-technical, juniors, seniors).
  • Great relationship management skills fostering good working practices with all
  • stakeholders and customers.
  • Results oriented and able to balance short and long term goals.
  • Able to gauge and adjust the scope appropriate for a requirement based on its
  • complexity and impact to the development effort.
  • Master in developing and managing a schedule consisting of projects across multiple domains in a single product.

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