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    The bustling Leather Lane market, some of the best coffee and food in London.
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    Freshly cooked street food just outside our office.
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    The coolest start-up area in London
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    Leather Lane. Just one of the many reasons it is great to work at Shopworks.

Working at Shopworks:

Shopworks is one of the pioneers of cloud based workforce management having offered a SAAS product since 2009. We work with some great brands that you can check out here and are always looking for new people to help us. Cloud based HR software is a rapidly growing industry to be part of, and we look for people who can help us reach the top of the tree. Our head office is in Farringdon, in central London, close to the vibrant Smithfield Market and our favourite lunch destination: Leather Lane street food market.  

We are a fast growing, vibrant company that is always looking for like-minded, motivated team players to join the party. All available careers can be found at the bottom of this page, but we are always looking for forward thinking candidates; so if you're made of the right stuff then feel free to send us your CV anyway. 

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The Shopworks loft style office in Farringdon, London is a great place to work.


Our Mission:

We aim to be the number #1 supplier of workforce management systems. We genuinely believe our product is the best in the world and we are so confident that we give customers a free trial, including bespoke development work before we ever charge them a penny. We then let our customers stay on a contract where they can give us 30 days notice for any reason. That business model defines our culture, we have to perform for our customers or they will cancel their contracts. The fact that we have never lost a customer speaks highly of our team and our ethos.


Our Culture: 

We aspire to create an empowering working environment at Shopworks. Our team is a collective, and we regularly have group meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page. However at Shopworks, we expect that each person is in control of their individual role, and that they will work toward their own targets. The balance between collaboration and individual management is essential. We have a collective bonus structure in place, so that the whole company work together to achieve the best possible outcome. 

At Shopworks, we know the value of our employees. We are always looking for ways to make sure you’re content in your environment, and that breaks are an important factor of a productive workforce. 


Our office:

Installed in the office is a table football room for all staff, as well as a pool table and dart board. We let our employees get away from their desks during the day when they feel the need to, and we insist they take advantage of doing so. If table sports aren't for you, then you can always relax in our break out area, fitted with a sofa and bar for you to use. If that doesn't take your fancy, then head up to our rooftop, where you can take in some sunshine and fresh air. 



There are three main departments in Shopworks which all work together to onboard new customers via our free trial model and to support existing customers.

Development: We use agile methodology and continuous integration to manage our development cycle. We work in teams of 5 developers, which work closely with one of our product owners. We develop using the Laravel framework and are looking for developers of all levels to join our team. For an idea of some of the development challenges we are looking to solve check out this recent blog post

Operations: We are looking for people with operational experience in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors, or with Business Analyst of product skills, ideally in a B2B SAAS company. Our operations department is responsible for implementation, customer
on-boarding, training, support, product ownership and account management. Your role may include travelling around the country to different sites, helping each of our clients understand and use the platform effectively.

Sales and Marketing: Our sales and marketing team work together using Hubspot. The platform allows all new lead generation to be monitored and ensure all efforts to convert prospects into clients is tailored. We are looking for new recruits with B2B sales experience, or someone with creative skills in online marketing, SEM and CRM. 


Personal Development:

Shopworks knows and understands how valuable each staff member is. We look to develop all our staff and aid their progression, knowing that it will have long-term benefits for the company. Each year, we send our development team to Swaracon, Amsterdam and we are currently looking at running our own workshop in Septemeber with a number of guest speakers. 

We also offer each staff member 'inspire days' so that throughout the year they can take time off to develop their skills, whether that is through attending courses or exhibitions, or something more bespoke to your specfic needs. This aligns with individual development plans that are set out at the beginning of your journey and reviewed each year.

Another newly introduced project is working with Impact2, a teamwork and communication specialist. Andy Long is an ex-professional rugby player who works with teams to develop and improve their work ethic and mentality.


We are always trying to help Shopworks team members develop personally. Everyone has personal objectives as part of their bonus structure as well as an individual development plan; on-going mentoring is important to us. We run our own annual developers conference, which is a 3 day offsite event which designed to help us learn new skills and ideas together and spend some social time out of the office. This year it is in Manchester in September. Operations and Sales and Marketing have a similar off site event each year. The company also employs an outside agency to help with team development and to provide individual personal coaching on a one to one basis.


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Please see the list of available opportunities below: