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“ShopWorks impressed us with their speed of implementation and ability to work to our tight deadlines. We have been impressed with the platform since installing it across all of our sites."
“Our business model relies on effective demand management. By moving to ShopWorks, we were able to manage our staff much more effectively to improve our service.”
“We have a number of different pay rules for each of the different roles within the business. We needed a solution that was able to cope with the complexities and improve our management.”
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"We were most impressed with the budgeting module offered by the ShopWorks solution. It allows us to ensure that we are working within a pre-approved amount each month."
"As part of our digital transformation, we knew how important it was to update our staff management processes. Our new and improved system has helped improve the way we manage our staff."
"Installing a Workforce Management system has allowed us to reduce the time management of our staff across every store. Managers are now able to automate a number of tasks that were previously time consuming.”
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"Each of our sites were using different pay rules for the same roles. By implementing ShopWorks across all of our sites, we were able to get a central view and since, we have made significant savings on our staffing costs.”
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“Our staff scheduling required a very complex system in order to ensure we have the correct staff at the correct tables. ShopWorks were able to install a system that eases the management of this process."

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"We have been working with ShopWorks from day one as they came highly recommended. They were able to deliver the bespoke technology and functionality that we wanted, with no development costs and their excellent service and support has maintained a strong working relationship."

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"We were looking for a solution that could improve our rota management. Something that was flexible, simple to use, easy to install and cost-effective. We required a supplier that was easy to work with and could help us roll out quickly. ShopWorks' product and people were a great match for us.

“We’re positive that taking advantage of ShopWorks’ innovative platform would be a benefit. It’s perfect for leisure centres, specifically to ensure the correct, qualified staff members are allocated to appropriate shifts.”

“We have already benefitted from having a single scheduling tool at the heart of what is a large and complex business to plan for. The reporting functions mean we can quickly get to important cost line information as well as simplifying the payroll process."

“Shopworks’ high level of configurability, flexibility and budgetary control has given us the ability to adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing nature of today’s staffing needs."

“The ShopWorks platform is simple to use and seamlessly integrated into our current systems. The staff scheduling tool has reduced the time required to manually create the weekly rota, and can be easily altered when necessary.”

“As a leisure centre, we have a complex workforce that previously required excessive admin for our managers. With the ShopWorks staff scheduling tool, we are able to easily create weekly rotas in advance, ensuring that staff do not exceed their contracted hours."

"We needed a rota management system that was flexible, simple to use and cost-effective. As a supplier, they were easy to work with and helped us roll-out quickly. ShopWorks' product and people were a great match for our business."

“The central view has also allowed us to review all of our rostering, ensuring we cut back on over-staffing as well as meeting shortfalls by adding extra staff when demand requires.”

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