The cost of living crisis is affecting businesses in the UK

The past few years have proven highly unpredictable for many businesses across the country. With rising living costs and spikes in inflation, companies are finding it tough to survive. So how do we beat the cost of living crisis?

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How is the cost of living crisis affecting businesses?

Struggling to make ends meet when it comes to the everyday cost of living is nothing new for many of us. However, there is also an unwelcome knock-on effect for businesses too.

A recent survey from Paypal highlighted…


Three-quarters of businesses cite the immediate cost of living to be the biggest threat to their business over the next year.


A quarter of  businesses are ignoring the financial health of their business because they’re worried about what further scrutiny might uncover.


One in ten business owners do not expect to be in business within the year, with a further 15% unsure of their business’ future.

Some of the biggest causes for concern for business leaders this financial year are:

Rising cost of energy and fuel

Cash flow

Employee Retention 

Transportation Costs

Shopworks Solutions To Help

Beat The Cost of Living Crisis


Optimise cost and remain within budget at all times using our scheduling tools. Have the right number of staff in the right place at the right time. 


The ultimate analytics suite to help your business identify and quickly focus on any problem areas allowing management the chance to correct any overspend or under staffing.

Task Management

With our task management tool, you have the ability to build weekly task templates within the working weekly rota. This ensures that you have enough staff to cover all tasks within your business tasks demand.

Demand Ai

Optimise your sales to labour allocation with or Demand Ai tool. Allowing you to optimise your budget planning.

Forecasting Ai

Achieve optimum planning across all your locations. Our Forecasting Ai allows for a unique forecast per venue per week or day ensuring you can plan effectively for the future. 

T&A Solutions

Fast and easy employee time management. Have full visibility over time, hours and cost. 

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