Scheduling SolvedBy.Ai

Intelligent auto scheduling done in minutes

Why you should use Scheduling.Ai

Auto schedules your entire estate in minutes
Save time and allow your staff to focus on other tasks
Builds fairness and equality into your rotas
Allows managers to make final review and approval
Ensure your rotas are 100% compliant
Save money, optimise resources and remain on budget

Our Scheduling Ai will take your demand forecast and automate the building of each individual rota within your existing scheduling tool. Ensuring that the optimal rota is built which is 100% compliant with Working Time Directives and other regulations, on budget and with the closest possible fit to demand.

As a rostering or planning manager, it can take hours to build a single rota, taking into account all of the relevant rules and challenges presented by multi-people rostering. Our Ai tool allows that to be achieved in minutes by producing rotas that are on-demand, on budget, compliant and fair.