Time & Attendance

Fast, easy and 100% accurate employee time management.

Advantages of Our T&A Solutions

Full visibility over time, hours and cost

100% accurate pay for your staff
Put an end to “buddy punching” and “ghost shifts”
No more unapproved overtime, early or late arrivals

Ensure you always remain labour compliant

Touchless clocking for health and safety
Fully configurable for your needs
Enables the facilitation of on demand pay tools

Industry Leading T&A Solutions

Contactless Time Scan App

Mobile app designed to allow employees to clock in and out using their own smart devices. Flexible & easy to roll out, this feature is a modern alternative to hardware biometric devices.


Clock in & out using your own device


Compatible with QR code and NFC technologies


Geolocation option available


Speed up worklog processes using Auto-match rules


Monitor exceptions (lateness, unplanned hours, etc.)

Biometric Readers

Our facial recognition readers are revolutionising staff management. By
relying on staff to manually sign in or using outdated clock-in machines, organisations can be vulnerable to ‘buddy punching’, whereby colleagues sign each other in when they’re not actually working.

Facial recognition systems digitally scans in an employee when they arrive and leave work. This technology ensures time and attendance is 100% accurate for all staff. Biometrics can help prevent issues such as early arrivals and departures, and overtime that has not been approved.

Mobile Punch-in App

This is the digital alternative to our biometric hardware where it’s not practical to install readers.

Staff can clock in and out using any white-listed smart devices.


Web-based, fully secure and branded application hosted on your ShopWorks server.


Dedicated URL accessible only from whitelisted IP address (ie. shop devices or local connection).


Speed up worklog processes using Auto-match rules.


Monitor exceptions (lateness, unplanned hours, etc.)

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