Ensure your business has the right number of people in the right place at the right time while remaining fully compliant and on budget

Why You Should Use ShopWorks Scheduling Tools

Build rotas within minutes

Remain fully compliant with EWTD
Optimise cost and remain within budget at all times
Optimise staffing to meet the demand
Transparency and visibility over who is available to work
Manage multi contract staff and their entitlements
Cover last minute changes and on-day management
Deliver employee satisfaction by knowing their availability
Improve efficiency and build rotas
Eliminate silos with standardised processes across the board

ShopWorks Scheduling Tools

Auto Scheduling

As a rostering or planning manager, it can take hours to build a single rota, taking into account all of the relevant rules and challenges presented by multi-people rostering. Our Ai tool allows that to be achieved in minutes by producing rotas that are on-demand, on budget, EWTD compliant and fair. It will take your demand forecast and automate the building of each individual rota.

If preferred your team can use our simple drag and drop scheduling interface instead to create their staffing schedules. The tool works to pre-determined budgets, guaranteeing no employee will work over their legal limit.


Live compliance check at every managers’ fingertips. In an increasingly complex compliance environment, operators need to automate the checking of their staff scheduling against multiple criteria. The feature will detect and flag any breach to the latest European Working Time Directive (EWTD) regulations. It is built using a framework that will allow customer bespoke compliance requirements to be included.

The platform will conduct live checks on rotas, while they are being built. It will immediately highlight any breaches and where rotas are non-compliant they can only be approved by users with relevant authority. Regulations breaches are recorded and can be reported upon.


ShopWorks budgeting feature gives managers an accurate view of spend versus budget as each shift is created.

The platform brings together data from each department, to ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible.

Finance team or area management can ensure that all staff spend is checked against budget and pre-approved by the relevant managers. This undoubtedly is the largest contributor to the savings made by our customers.


Fully integrated demand data within your rota, which can be driven by AI demand predictions designed to help managers optimise their staffing levels throughout the day, in line with expected demand (i.e. footfall, transactions volume, peak/quiet times, etc.)

Absence Management

The absence management module facilitates the management of employee time away from work, whether that is annual leave, other types of time off, paid or unpaid and sickness. It consists of the ability to define and manage holiday entitlement, request and manage time off, request and manage sickness.


This module is designed to facilitate and standardise staff onboarding processes across your estate by providing a one-stop, easy-to-use tool. Allows store managers to onboard staff quickly and efficiently in store. A bespoke integration with the client’s own HR tools to store all data in one central place.

Shift offer

This module gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently handle last minute staffing changes, whether due to sickness or change in circumstance. Select from a specific set of local staff resources or cast the net to a wider company of resources. Employees will be able to be notified of available shifts in their staff portal and accept or decline the ones they wish to.

Staff availability

Encourage more employee satisfaction by allowing them to confirm their availability preference on their personal record, creating the ability to adapt to change in circumstance. Perfect for employees wishing to highlight the times more suitable to their lifestyle. Managers can see employee availability at all times and schedule shifts accordingly.

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