Don't wait any longer to improve the way your business manages its staff!

With a number of retail businesses struggling to manage the rising costs of staff, it is important to be aware of the latest cloud-based processes that can improve the way retailers manage their staff. 

Download the latest copy to discover:

  • What is a Workforce Management solution?
    Modern systems are nearly all cloud-based and sold as a “Software as a Service” - where pricing is often “per shop per week” or “per person per month”. Our bespoke tool ensures that the platform is customised to your needs, for instance to reflect their payroll and holiday rules.

  • 8 ways WFM helps save retailers 7% of staff costs.
    Our staff scheduling software is built up by 8 keys modules, that all offer different functionality. Find out how each one is used to help save your business an average of 7% on its staffing costs.
  • Top 10 considerations for implementing WFM.
    We outline the key factors to consider when deciding whether you need to digitally transform the management of your workforce. Discover how many manual processes your business has, that takes valuable time to complete.

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