Rota Management Software

Stay one step ahead of your competitors and be more efficient with our comprehensive rota management software that will save you time and money and fully optimise your workforce.

Rota Management Software

Advantages of Our Automated Rota Software

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One central view of all available staff


100% accurate payroll file


Auto schedule rotas that are fair


Remain fully compliant across your entire estate


100% accurate time & attendance

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Reduce costs


Never schedule staff that are unavailable again


Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

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How the ShopWorks Rota Management Software can enhance your daily workforce operations

In a recent survey of ShopWorks customers when asked “how big a problem is having enough staff to fill all of your shifts”, over 70% responded that it is  “a big challenge and we aren’t filling all of the shifts we wish to fill”. Whilst there is no silver bullet to this issue, we do find that more and more businesses are looking to sophisticated rota management software to help manage their staffing issues.

A cloud based solution allows employers to make the best use of available staff, ensure an efficient rota planning process that is communicated to your staff via an APP and takes their availability and preferences into account when scheduling. The best solutions also offer a range of high tech AI upgrades that help with staff retention and watch for staff at risk of leaving.

Why use ShopWorks Software for your Rota Management?

Our automated rota software can help in number of ways:


Auto schedules rotas to take into account shift equality, staff declared availability and their preferences


100% accurate payroll files - nothing has a bigger negative impact on employee satisfaction than getting payroll wrong


Free up managers time to focus on running the business and other areas that a rota management software can't solve


Leave management tools which ensure a smooth approval process and no mistaken shifts when staff are off

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See how our Rota Management Software could help your business

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