Top 5 Reasons to Use Holiday Management Software

Small businesses and multi-facility firms alike are rapidly recognising the benefits of adopting a centralised holiday management planner to ease and uniform annual leave booking and monitoring. The electronic systems allow managers and employees to quickly access holiday records, allowing them to submit applications for future leave, check their remaining allowance and assess workforce management availability in set periods. Holiday management software is a cloud based system that alleviates the confusion of paper based management and that enhances outdated computer programmes. 
Our bespoke holiday management software allows businesses the opportunity to utilise a modern, efficient and cost effective process that minimises manpower, staffing systems and training needs, whilst also offering superb biometric records which can support business development.
Below are a further five reasons to use holiday management software:
  • Biometrics Records Support Efficiency
  • Centralised Cloud Based System
  • Streamlined Process Following Staff Absence or Departure
  • Employee Time and Attendance Booking and Records
  • Morale Boosting

Biometrics Records Support Efficiency

The use of biometrics in all areas of business management cannot be underestimated for ensuring the efficiency of daily running and progression. In staff scheduling, biometrics enables management to quickly pull up records relating to individual and departmental attendance and annual leave bookings.
This proves to be an excellent tool for immediate determination of staff availability but also helps a firm to analyse the leave requirements of their staff, against the needs of the business across an annual viewpoint. From a company development stance, this an excellent way of recognising peak trade times against employee needs and annual leave allowances can be readily tailored to suit peak business times throughout the year.

Centralised Cloud Based System

By implementing a centralised cloud based system for holiday management within the workplace, all staff benefit from a uniformed booking a records platform. This means that management can benefit from a one process approach and can rest assured that cloud based records are reliable and secure and easily obtainable by all staff. The time saving benefits of this to a business are significant, allowing management the ability to readily access leave applications, acceptances and allowances.

Streamlined Process Following Staff Absence or Departure

Businesses who rely on an individual or small number of staff to manage leave allowance and holiday booking processes are those who are most affected when the staff member leaves or is unwell. By adopting a holiday management planner, the departure or sickness of that member of staff need not disrupt the booking, records and confirmation of employee annual leave. In turn, this saves a company significant time in tacking paper or computer records, to take on the responsibility of holiday workforce management for the business.

Employee Time and Attendance Booking and Records

Using cloud based holiday management software, employees will benefit immensely from time and attendance monitoring in the workforce management offerings. With the ability to access time and attendance details, staff can swiftly confirm their available leave allowance and arrange their future leave with the staff scheduling module. Through the simple to use mobile app, employees are able to access their shift dates and times as well as review the full staffing rotas for the workplace.
The platform means that the workforce management team need not waste time in cross referencing staff scheduling with holiday requests as the system will automatically acknowledge bookings of all staff.

Morale Boosting 

Holiday management planners serve to boost morale within the workplace by helping to overcome the challenges presented to management through staff absences. The automatic time and attendance records of each staff member help to offer swift evaluation of excessive absences and in turn, business productivity is more rapidly secured. What’s more, human error in leave application is minimised and staff morale is cemented as responsibility lies with the individual to request their absences and monitor their allowances.


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