AI Labour Demand Forecasting For The Ultimate Scheduling Efficiency

Revolutionise your staff scheduling with the most advanced AI Labour Demand Forecasting Solution. Enhance efficiency, boost profitability, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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AI Labour Demand Forecasting That Looks After Your Bottom Line

Precision forecast using a wide range of data from internal and external sources

Our AI predicts how many sales you’ll have in every 15 minutes in every location, identifying when your venues will be really busy and when they’ll be quiet. Blending your historical data with external factors like weather, holidays, seasonal trends or local events will give you a better view of your business environment, leading to more accurate forecasts and strategies.

This means you’ll not only learn from past activities but also anticipate future trends. With this level of precision and insights, you can capture fluctuating demand patterns and adapt accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

labour demand forecasting
Accurate forecasting predictions

Achieve Prediction Accuracy Of Up To 99.7%

Remove the guessing out of demand predictions, and achieve higher revenue by consistently adapting to changes.

data intelligence

Receive Superior Data Intelligence

By using hundreds of internal and external data sources, we provide superior intelligence for better decision making.

reduce staffing costs

Make Better Staffing Decisions

Effectively navigate fluctuating trading times and ensure you have the right staff in the right place and at the right time.

forecasting for peak performance

Accurate staff predictions for peak performance

Once you have an accurate demand forecast, then another AI predicts exactly how many staff members you need for each role for those 15-minute periods. So, you’ll never have too few or too many employees.

Many businesses don’t even realise that they don’t plan their staff efficiently – that is when they end up with long queues, customers walking out, or too many employees working at the same time.

Now, there is an advanced AI solution that ensures you always have the right number of staff scheduled based on your customer demand levels.

labour demand forecasting for improved customer satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Don’t let your customers wait, always be prepared for unexpected spikes in demand patterns.

forecasting for reduced staffing costs

Reduce Staffing Costs

By scheduling your workforce based on your demand levels, you can ensure that you never overspend by having too many staff when you don’t need them.

demand forecasting for increase in revenue

Increase Yearly Revenue By Up To 5%

We provide actionable intelligence that eliminates any wrong schedules to reduce your costs, increase the revenue taken in each venue and optimise your bottom line.

Optimum schedules with a click of a button

Once the Demand AI predicts your labour demand curve, this is fed into the scheduling AI that plans the optimum rota for your business. The AI also takes into account staff preferences, compliance, time off, task allocation and much more to build the most accurate rota for each of your venues.

You never have to worry if your rotas are accurate and if you have enough staff to meet your customer demand levels.

ai auto scheduling
Employee satisfaction

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Promote a fair work environment when using our AI’s and removing all human biases. Prevent burnout by ensuring you are never understaffed.

savings per every hour worked

Save up to 50p per hour during each shift worked

Because our AI forecasting and scheduling are so accurate, you can reduce your hourly cost by reducing the need for overtime.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve Business Efficiency

Be aware of any upcoming challenging trading times and optimise your entire workforce for better results.

Eliminate staff shortages

Avoid the misconception of staff shortages through accurate labour demand forecasting. Our AI Labour Demand Forecasting redistributes hours from quiet times to peak periods – prioritising revenue growth. With fewer total hours needed, you’ll never have a shortage and always have enough staff for demand peaks.

Don’t mistake a surplus of hours for a staff shortage—let us help you streamline your operations and experience unprecedented growth in profitability.

eliminate staffing shortages
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