The Ethical Financial Wellbeing App

A sustainable way to deliver a financial wellbeing strategy that meets the needs of your employees

Key Benefits of fastP.A.Y.E

Improve your employee retention rates
Increase your employee output and morale
Immediate pay for hard to fill shifts
No disruption to your payroll
Increase your applicant pool
Reduce sickness and absenteeism
It’s not a loan
Free for those on Minimum Wage

Through our 10+ years of workforce experience, we know the pressures facing employers and employees alike. Two-in-five employees in the UK (40%) are living payday-to-payday and have no emergency savings, and nearly a third (29%) have financial problems that are negatively affecting their lives.

We have designed fastP.A.Y.E to address those issues for employees, as well as employers who battle employee retention and expectation on a daily basis.

With the ‘wage-on-demand’ marketplace growing at pace and current wage payment structures unreflective of modern life, fastP.A.Y.E is speeding-up access to earned money through its flexible wage app.

As financial wellbeing is a high priority for companies of all sizes, we provide a sustainable way for them to deliver a financial wellbeing strategy.

The fastP.A.Y.E Financial Wellbeing Suite

Configurable Salary Advance

Allows employees to access some of their already earned money before payday, to avoid unnecessary debt caused by shortfalls at the end of the month or when unexpected bills arise.

Financial Education

We closely work with various charities and provide access to up to date education and advice from the Money Helper. Our goal is to provide users with the necessary tools to encourage healthy financial decisions.

Benefits Assessment Calculator

We provide a benefits calculator, which is designed to assess employee eligibility for various Government benefits and grants. UK households are currently missing over £16bn in extra income every year.

Savings Calculator

An ideal tool that helps your employee to reach their savings goal. It can help your employees understand how long it will take them to save a specific amount, or how much they need to save to have enough by a particular date.

Budget Planner

The Budget Planner puts your employees in control of their household spending and analyses the results to help them take control of their money. It’s already helped hundreds of thousands of people.

The Workplace Wellbeing podcast discusses all aspects of employee wellbeing, whether that is financial, mental health or just making work fun. Workplace Wellbeing is often cited as the number 1 growth area in HR and management and it is attracting growing interest from employers and entrepreneurs alike. Many of them are social entrepreneurs but some of them are riding the wave in an attempt to take advantage of the increasing interest in this area; we aim to help you navigate the world of Workplace wellbeing.