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The future of Workforce Management lies in AI

A business must plan ahead and keep up with technology in order to grow, remain competitive, and keep up with workforce challenges such as staff shortages, employee satisfaction and retention challenges.

ShopWorks can digitally transform your operations or supercharge your existing WFM system to ensure you remain at optimal operational efficiency.

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Digital Transformation Enables Businesses to…

Optimise their workforce

Increase Profitability

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Modernise legacy processes

However, many businesses still rely on outdated processes such as spreadsheets (and even paper!) for their scheduling solution. 

These outdated processes can reduce productivity through missed shifts, employee stress, frustration, and unexpected absences. Overall, it negatively affects a company’s bottom line.

Companies using legacy or outdated workforce management software on average overspent by 25% on salary costs and can lose up to 15% on revenue due to inefficient scheduling

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ShopWorks can provide many WFM solutions including


Ensure your business has the right number of people in the right place at the right time while remaining fully compliant and on budget.

Time & Attendance

Allow your staff to clock in and out using our NFC contactless scan app, mobile punch in app or biometric readers.

Staff Portal

Our staff portal allows your staff to access schedules, hours worked, and much more.


Build rotas which are 100% compliant with Working Time Directives and other regulations, on budget and with the closest possible fit to demand.


Our AI & BI reporting tools will allow you to get the most out of ShopWorks and increase your ROI by highlighting any issues with planning, scheduling, staff retention and more.

Task Management

With our task management tool, you have the ability to build weekly task templates within the working weekly rota. This ensures that you have enough staff to cover all tasks within your business tasks demand.

We can even go one step further and Supercharge WFM systems with our Ai tools

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Forecasting Ai

The Forecasting Ai tool will use your historical transaction data to forecast sales, footfall and interactions, with an accuracy of up to 98% it can gives you an accurate basis to build your staffing levels.


Achieve optimum planning across all your locations.


Budget effectively for the future.


Avoid over or under staffing.


Improve your employee satisfaction levels.


Improve customer satisfaction by always being at optimum staffing levels.


Be prepared for any challenging trading times.

Demand Ai

Once you have an accurate forecast of transactions, our Demand Ai engine will build a staffing model to ensure you have the right level of staff to ensure customer satisfaction without overspending during quiet periods.


Avoid over or understaffing.


Plan effectively for the future.


Optimise your budget planning.


Keep employees satisfied and motivated.


Ensure customer satisfaction at all times.


Empower your employees.

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Scheduling  Ai

Scheduling Ai will take your demand forecast and automate the building of your Rota within your existing scheduling tool. An optimal rota is built that is 100% compliant, always on budget and with the closest possible fit to demand.


Auto schedules your entire estate in minutes.


Save time and allow your staff to focus on other tasks.


Allows managers to make final review and approval.


Builds fairness and equality into your rotas.


Ensure your rotas are 100% compliant.


Save money, optimise resources and remain on budget.

Retention Ai

Our human resource forecasting tool that can accurately forecast how many people are likely to leave an organisation in the next 30, 60 or 90 days.


Tells you how many of your employees will leave.


Assist you in the creation and success of a leaver prevention strategy.


Predicts the reasons why your employees are leaving.


Predicts how many employees you need to hire to be at an optimum level.

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