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Achieve exceptional and accurate business planning with our market-leading Forecasting Ai solution that can predict your sales, footfall, bookings and much more with up to 98% accuracy.

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Benefits of using Business Forecasting Software

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Avoid over or understaffing


Budget effectively


Plan with up to 98% accuracy


Save money and resources

Unique forecast per each site everytime


More algorithms than any other Ai tool out there


Improve customer satisfaction 

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Improve employee satisfaction

What is Business Forecasting AI?

Our end to end forecasting solution ensures that you have the right number of staff in the right place at the right time. It will take your historical data as well as data from external feed sources or third-party data and build a new Ai each week for each of your venues. We use more algorithms evaluated for each of our clients and more bespoke solutions than any other tool out there.

Our background is in Worktech and HR Analytics however our tool is built in a way that we can help with any prediction where there is enough historical data for our AIs to learn from.

business forecasting software
Business forecasting ai software

How can Business Forecasting AI Software help your business?

Forecast smarter with Shopworks

Poor forecasting leads to overstaffing and understaffing which can lead to increased costs and customer dissatisfaction. With Shopworks, all of this can be avoided with our business forecasting software.

Automatically forecast your staffing needs

Shopworks takes the guesswork out of staffing. With just a few clicks, you’ll have access to accurate forecasts that will help you save you time, money and resources. We also help with Salary On-demand solutions for employee wellbeing.

Know with certainty

Shopworks uses an advanced algorithm to provide forecasts with up to 98% accuracy. Never make costly mistakes again!

Plan your business better

With Shopworks, you’ll get the necessary information required to plan ahead and improve customer satisfaction. From immediate forecasts to long-term predictions, Shopworks is the ultimate business forecast software.

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See how our Business Forecasting Software can help your daily operations

Get in touch to book a demo and see how Retention.Ai can help you. 

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